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  • Is it possible to override your chosen permalink structure on a single post and make the permalink something of your choosing?

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  • … my instinct is to say “no”….

    But instead, I’ll ask for an example. What do you envision?

    I have a post for 9/11 that I’d like to go live today so people can see it for the next few days. But if I make it today’s date, then the permalink is changed also. I’ve already sent out notices with the permalink that is for 9/11.


    well, here’s one thought:

    If you’re not comfy tweaking your theme files though, it’s probably not a great one…

    Oy! That was easy, but it only works if the post is ALREADY live. So if I leave the date as 9/11, then it won’t show up. Grrr… I think I might be out of luck!

    Well, the other option is to change the date on the post so it shows, then do some .htaccess redirects so that folks coming in on the link end up at

    Seems like that would be simple enough. If only I wasn’t a complete feeb with .htaccess… Ideally, someone brighter than I will spot this.

    I see. I think I could handle that, but I am really too lazy. *grin* Thanks a million!

    Why can’t I go back and edit my second post in this thread? I hate that. Can you zap the thread for me?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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