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  • there’s a way to override the inline css in the front_params_output.php file?

    they are all coded with !important and there’s no way to make it via css.

    I don’t know how to call my own front_params_output via functions.php

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey, @resunoiz!

    Could you please try to remove !importants from front_params_output.php, then write your CSS code? It will most probably work correctly this way.

    Alternatively, writing CSS code with !important, and adding it to Appearance > Customize > General > Custom CSS should also work. Please give this a try.

    Thanks! Have a great day!

    if I remove the !important at next update I’ll lost all modifications. that’s why I wanted to override the file.

    using the customize custom css works, already tested. BUT after WP updates sometimes that css gets randomly lost (happened already a lot o fo times) so I would’nt use that option.

    my goal is to override the front_params_output.php,

    Hey, @resunoiz!

    Please note, that you are referring to default Additional CSS WordPress provides.

    We are not sure if it can get removed, but please be sure, that the content of Appearance > Customize > General > Custom CSS option, which is provided by Business Elite theme, will not be deleted in case you update the theme.

    As for overriding front_params_output.php, our developers are currently checking to see if it would be possible to call its functions on functions.php file of the child theme.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    I’m asking you about it because it already happened with business elite.
    Maybe for a wp update? I don’t know, but I placed my custom css for menus in Appearance > Customize > General > Custom CSS and now it’s gone, so I had to place some custom id’s and mark them !important to override the front_params ones.

    so if front_params_output.php can be overriden in some ways, it would be very appreciated.


    We created an example of Business Elite Child theme for you. Our developers have overriden front_params_output.php in functions.php of the child theme.

    Could you please have a look? You can download the folder from the following link:

    Let us know in case you will have questions.

    wow..thank you very much, I’ll check it out.

    the parent theme function in that case won’t be loaded at all, right?

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    PS: just tried, it doesn’t work.

    inline styles are still overriden from paret theme ones.

    the added function adds modified css, but load still the parent css inline one and takes it.

    Just for example: I uploaded your child theme files, and changed

    	#blog .content-posts .tab-more:hover, #blog_home .content-posts .tab-more:hover, .blog-post .read_more:hover {
    		color: <?php echo $primary_links_hover_color; ?>;


    #blog .content-posts .tab-more:hover, #blog_home .content-posts .tab-more:hover, .blog-post .read_more:hover {
    		color: #FF00FF;

    If you go on hover on “read more” links, it shows still the default #0A7ED5 color, that overrides the child theme modified ones.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by resunoiz.

    Hey, @resunoiz!

    Please note, that you don’t need to modify the following code:

    #blog .content-posts .tab-more:hover, #blog_home .content-posts .tab-more:hover, .blog-post .read_more:hover {
        color: <?php echo $primary_links_hover_color; ?>;

    since it takes its value from Theme Options > Color Control. So if you change the color from Color Control, it will apply to the theme correctly.

    Thank you!

    in color control, I can ONLY change the background color, no other options.
    see attached image.
    theme (parent & child) have the same behaviousr no other plugins active.

    but it was only an example, I’d like to control deeply that tags, not only this. There’s no way to override that front_params_output.php file correctly?

    Hello, @resunoiz!

    Our developers have checked the free version of the theme, which doesn’t have the color control options. It does work, but the styles of the parent theme are prioritized.

    1. Please edit /business-elite/functions.php file of the parent theme and find this:

    Add ,10 to it, so it looks like this:

    2. You will still need to add !important to the styles you provide in child theme.

    Although, as I mentioned, our development team highly recommends using Customize > Additional CSS, since it is easier to use. But the choice is yours.

    Let us know in case you have questions.
    Thanks! Have a great day!

    in this case, any change will be lost on theme update, right?

    Hey, @resunoiz!

    Unfortunately, yes, that is why we recommend you to write the CSS code with !important in Custom CSS of Business Elite, or Additional CSS options.

    They will not be lost in case of an update, we are sure of that. However, you can save a backup of the CSS code just in case.

    Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

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