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  • jerahepho


    1. All websites we produced with Elementor are heavily bloated and fail Lighthouse speed tests
    2. Support is dismal – even worse than Beaver Builder, which is saying something
    3. They want £1000 per year for the top tier product (ha ha ha)
    4. Still laughing at No.3

    1. Gutenberg FSE
    2. Oxygen page builder (not for newcomers)
    3. Spend a week learning HTML5 and basic CSS and say goodbye to Elementor forever

    Off my chest, feeling better

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  • Elementor


    Hi Jerahepho,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback.
    We are sorry to hear about your experience with us.

    Regarding your experience with our customer service.
    We set a high standard for ourselves, and in the past few months, we have made huge strides in a positive direction.

    We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further. Please could you contact us at: with your username/ticket & more information.

    We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

    Note: Please do not share your user name or any sensitive information here in a public forum and forward them to the above-mentioned email ID.

    Regarding the site speed,
    Elementor has the strictest code standard that should make Elementor as fast it can.

    have you gone over our guide explaining how to speed up your website while using Elementor?
    Let me know if it helps you improve your site speed.

    Thread Starter jerahepho


    Hey, thank you for responding, but your message is merely a charm offensive to save face.

    Your support department do not reply in a timely manner and when they do, first line of support take ages to reply and are clueless when they do. They ask irrelevant questions in response and with all the time delays between messages, it can take anything up to a week to find a resolutions

    It’s quite nagging actually, that the only quick response and with any details is to a negative review posted here.

    Thank you for the link to speeding up a slow website. We already know how to do this thanks, but you missed the point.
    To repeat myself, I saiD:-


    In other words, the code that Elementor spits out is garbage, so we are no longer using it and have moved to Gutenberg Full Site Editing, which FYI, is fast out of the box and passes the speed tests.

    Your prices are hilarious for the junk you are selling. We have already switched to Gutenberg FSE, thanks and won’t be coming back.
    For anything we can’t produce with Gutenberg, we’ll use Oxygen Builder, which is a fraction of the price of Elementor and much faster

    No need to respond


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