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  • OK, what I would like to do, will be more easily explained if you look at the home page of my site I’m currently attempting to build:

    The thumbnail in the sidebar (of the pirate) is a widget, that links to the most recent picture that I upload. When I upload a new picture to the site, that thumbnail will change to the new picture, and then link to that picture. That all works fine.

    However, instead of having the “Latest Picture” title above it like it is now, I want to have a small image (a png or something that I have made myself) that overlays on top of the thumbnail.

    This image would, at minimum, be the words “Latest” or “Latest Sketch” or something similar, and possibly even include a border that frames the thumbnail (although I suspect the border would be easier to do using CSS…)

    So at minimum, I would like to be able to float a small .png image at the bottom of that thumbnail, and still allow the thumbnail to link to its picture etc.

    I have had a conversation with someone on the phone (which is a very hard way to do this) and the suggestions included using span tags, and making a new class in the style.css, however the details were hard to describe so I figured my best bet for help was to try the very helpful wordpress community!

    I do hope someone can at least point me in the right direction, thankyou.

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