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  • Installed WP 2.7 to hosted WP account online. Installed plugins and a Studiopress theme. All well with install. WP Upgrade successful. Brand new blog so no mix-ups with old files.
    However, something is screwy as the home and about pages have overlapping objects (areas – lack of better words) such as categories and archives. They either block out the post text or one another. Looks like image layers, one in front and one in back of. Individual placement has been lost.
    Only thing I did not freshly install is the wp-config file. Wasn’t confident with modifying the new one and some of the instruction versions suggest preserving the old file anyway. I am not relatively good with code but not sure why this file would matter in this case. Before learning how to better mess with the CSS or other code I thought I would ask out loud.
    The template should load perfectly on its own. No need to mess with the original. Anyone have some hints as what is going on or need more info?
    Thanks for your interest.

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  • Question: It is a “brand new blog so no mix-ups with old files” but there is an old wp-config, since you “did not freshly install” one, and it was a successful upgrade? That doesn’t make sense. It sounds like there might be old files on the server or old files copied over from some other server.

    But you nonetheless have a CSS problem. You are right that the theme should work out of the box. Maybe you have a WP version/Theme version mismatch. Maybe you have a corrupt or a missing CSS file. It is hard to say without knowing your URL. The first thing to do really is go back through that theme directory by directory and make sure everything is there and only things that should be there are there.

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