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  • Great plugin for very large data sets but if you just want to simplify your life when adding a simple table – it’s far too complicated.

    You can’t turn off search, column-sorting or pagination.
    (Why show pagination if there are no pages???)

    These features look very silly on a 3×4 table.

    Default CSS styling goes too far for me too. If you need a simple table editor look elsewhere. (Not found anything myself so I’m back in the HTML. Uff.)

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi @gdekadt,

    thanks for taking the time to give feedback here, I really appreciate it! I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a bad start with TablePress!

    However, I’m not sure that I understand your claim about TablePress not being useful for small tables.

    I agree that it’s unnecessary to use features like search, sorting, and pagination on a 3×4 table! That’s why it’s of course possible to turn them off, even individually! The checkboxes for this are in the “Features of the DataTables JavaScript library” section right below the content editing fields of the table. Could you maybe try those?
    Or did you try them but the table still has the features turned on? In that case, it might be possible that your theme or another plugin are such features to all tables on your site! If you post a link, I’ll be more than happy to take a direct look at that!

    And about the default CSS styling: TablePress doesn’t really add that much here, actually! It only sets some standard padding, changes the table head row background color (so that e.g. the sorting arrows are visible), and adds horizontal borders. That’s pretty much it. Could it be possible that your theme is maybe adding more sophisticated styling? Also, these CSS changes can easily adapted by adding “Custom CSS”, for which there are some examples on the TablePress FAQ page at

    Again, I’m more than happy to take a look at the tables on your site and help with any issues, if you want! That way, you could maybe give TablePress a second chance, which I would appreciate. Thanks!

    Best wishes,

    Thread Starter gdekadt


    Tobias – I see now why people love you/your plugin so much. Your attention is impeccable.

    I’ll have another go ASAP.

    Please allow me to suggest that you rename that “Features of the DataTables JavaScript library” link as a matter of some urgency. I did see it there but avoided it as it sounds more like a link to a code-heavy, example-light, GitHub API readme page. Something more user-friendly – perhaps “Table Search and Filtering options” or even just “Search and Filtering options” might be more obvious to simpletons like me! 😀

    Re the CSS – it’s not that awkward to overrule – but perhaps you could consider adding a backend editor to change the defaults in your project at some point? Anything to prevent overriding an override is good in my [old-skool] book. 🙂

    Many, thanks again. Your plugin and attention deserve their usual very high rating…

    Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi @gdekadt,

    good to hear that my suggestions helped!

    And you are totally right, I should rename that “Features of the DataTables JavaScript library” section! I’ve already started to rephrase some instructions in the last plugin update, because they simply were too technical, with too many words from a programming context. I guess that this is a “relict” from when I started developing the plugin and didn’t really know how to make it easy to understand… So, thanks a lot for your input here!

    About the CSS: The challenge with that approach would be that there’s still the theme CSS. And due to the large variety of themes, and their CSS code for tables (some don’t have it, some really change how tables look), this would be very difficult. Therefore, the overriding part would be necessary anyways, simply to be able to change the theme’s CSS again… That’s why I think it’s more flexible to offer the TablePress “Custom CSS” text field as a common place to change this.

    And thanks for wanting to reconsider your rating in the review! From what I know, you could simply do so by submitting another review. I’d really appreciate that! Thanks!

    Best wishes,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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