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  • An opportunity has come up which allows us to stop posting for the week on a blog with heavy traffic. I’m looking to tear it down and build it back up in terms of theme, options, look, etc… while maintaining the content.

    This blog has been getting creaky lately. Some plug ins will not install. (The install process thinks they are installed but they do not show up as a plug in.) And other little warts.

    Is there a guide I can read for doing this?

    PS: About 1000 posts and 35K comments hosted on Godaddy.


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  • Well first find a theme that will work with WP 3.4 is due out very soon.

    BACK UP everything, wp xml and database, including your wp-content folder.
    Make sure your WP is updated to current.
    Get a maintenance plugin to tell folks when to expect you back.

    Then install & activate your new theme, make a child theme of it, before you start working on it. Then add whatever plugins you will need, you may need to find new ones to work with the new theme and new WP version.



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    Depending on the other changes you need to make, you might also consider export / import the content from the old to the new.


    Is there an implied “wipe out the old stuff” somewhere in your directions?

    No, You want to keep all your content don’t you?
    What do you want to ‘wipe out’? (besides the old theme (themes) and plugins that you don’t want to use. Make sure the ones you are using are also up to date.

    You could do as WPyogi recommends.

    Or do you want a fresh install of WP to work on and then transfer all your content over to it?

    I was thinking of a fresh install of WP then install content into it. As I say, somethings are odd. I have some plug ins which will not install because they are already installed per the plug in installer. But they do not show up in the plug ins list. So how do I clean up that without a nuke and pave over?

    Don’t nuke anything in your current install.

    Then do a clean install of WP in another directory.

    Find a theme and make a child of it, and make it how you want it, add the plugins you need, EXport content from old site and import into new site.
    Follow directions from WPyogi.
    I am not sure about photos, I believe you will need to re-upload them?? but don’t know, perhaps there is a plugin for that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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