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    i’ve moved my old blog to its new site location, by installing a new blog in the new location and then copying and pasting files. the problem is, the new blog and the new dashboard are both too small…and i can’t figure out how to fix it. the problem is not text or images only, but rather everything. i can look at them side by side in the same browser and see a big difference. does anyone know how i can make the new one the appropriate size (as big as the old one)? i can’t find settings or files anywhere to adjust, and it isn’t my browser, obviously.


    thanks so much!

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  • is there anyone around who knows how to fix this?

    i appreciate people checking it out, but i still don’t know how to solve the problem.

    I’m looking at both side by side and they are identical. Firefox and IE, they both look the same. Just for grins, go to the site that appears too small, and while you are there press Ctrl+0 on your keyboard. Control and zero at the same time and see what happens – if anything.

    hmm, ctrl 0 doesn’t do anything.

    that’s weird, i have each in a different tab of the same browser and they are different. the fact that my new dashboard is too small too seems to mean it’s something wrong with a setting.

    i’m on a mac, with firefox. is everyone else seeing them as equal? if so, is it the a bit too small version or a normal seeming type of size?

    okay, command 0 made the big one small…

    Just to completely rule out an accidental browser/tab resizing, try this
    from your Firefox Menu bar: View > Zoom > Reset. See if that works. Just to be sure, mind you. I’m not completely sure that (Ctrl+0) has the same effect on a Mac.

    i feel super silly!

    that took care of it, it was just those individual tabs somehow. thanks so much!

    Hey, it happens!


    hey I’m having the same problem Any idea why?

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