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  • hi Folks,

    I have installed WP File Monitor Plus some weeks ago and yesterday it has detected on one of my WP instances a change in more then 700 javascript files. each and every js file has been extended by some 1,2KB inserted code which looked like the following:

    [Code moderated. Never post hack codes or scripts!]

    I have never before experienced such a thing, so I am not sure whether it was “normal” by WP (some “deux ex machina” change in the background) or it was a hack attack?

    has anybody experienced similar thing in the past week or so? what’s the remedy for such js attacks or malware?

    many thanks in advance.


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  • I think this is a very old issue related to java apparently in can infect your computer as well as websites inserting this not only to JavaScript but anything writable in a text file which contains codes. clean it by a virus scanner by downloading your file or do a Google search for same I don’t remember when this happened surely 5 years ago maybe and Google was warning everyone then of this. i am not sure of the solution but this is a worm.


    thanks for quick respond.

    how dangerous is this to a website or web app? should it be fixed immediately?



    i think its very dangerous it had started out with facebook do a google search, its a worm and yes its dangerous


    You should never leave the infection on your site once you know its there. You essentially threaten anyone on the web visiting your site. If you haven’t already, I’d remove it.

    What this script doing on our site?

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