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  • I’ve created a Comprehensive List of Over 170 Themes for WordPress 1.5 as a reference point for those of you looking for new themes to go with the new WP. I update the list daily, and have marked which themes have 3 column layouts.

    I figured if we’re all searching for WP 1.5 themes, might as well post a huge list in one place for reference. A lot of the themes have come from submissions to Alex King’s theme competition and the WordPress Codex. I’ve also just been scouring the net (forums, blogs, etc) to find as many WP 1.5 themes as I can. If anyone knows of any I’ve missed, please let me know so I can update my list 🙂

    Hope some of you find my list helpful!

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  • wow. bookmarked. thanks! Very helpful

    wanna make it 171?

    Thank you Emily. 🙂

    You’re all welcome. The list has now crossed the 200 mark!!

    dawg – always looking for more 1.5 themes – have a new one for me? gimme specifics (theme name, demo link, download link) 🙂

    Does that mean we can be angry and shout at forumnist who asks question like ‘where can i find a theme that do this and that’?

    Oh please tell me we can…

    Wow I guess that would be 201, what a list!!!!!

    theme Alamo For hearty Texans

    It would be nice, if, in addition to marking the 3-column themes, you also marked the themes with only one column (no sidebar) and the themes with non-standard layouts (if any)

    Hey Randy, although that’s a great suggestion about assisting in doing that work for her so all she would need to is actually make the gif to mark them with? It ‘d probably be done quicker that way too.

    dawg – Alamo is now on the list (which is up to 203 at this point)

    Randy – yes, that would be ideal – but right now it’s taking up all of my time just to compile the list. I think after the close of Alex King’s theme competition things *might* slow down enough for me to better organize the list

    Jinsan – thanks for suggesting I getting some help. I could use it. What I REALLY want to do is launch a WP powered site that is just focused on ‘How to Blog’ tips, tricks, tutorials, and templates for WP users only, and maintain the themes list on that site as well use the themeswitcher to demo all available themes, as well as provide screenshots of them and sort them by layout, etc, perhaps even review some of them (although I’m afraid of stepping on some toes – while a lot of the themes on that list are glorious, some are a little less inspired).

    I’ve been hesitant to launch said site, because just keeping my list up to date has been taking up most of my time. But rest assured, it’s coming – eventually.


    If you were to go to say, let’s see, the WordPress Reference Centre, which is open to anyone and everyone who wants to be involved, you will find that what you wish for is already there….

    It needs input and will only ever be as good as that input but it has been around now for some time and is linked on many sites.

    Perhaps to save yourself the enormous workload you envisage, why not use that as an option. It is not about glory. It is located in a neutral subdomain and it is open to whatever direction people feel like taking it. I am not worried about bandwidth and/or resources and if it gets too big then a new server would be the next stage.

    You can splash your name all over it and that would not be an issue to me, you can have adminstrator rights, the whole caboodle.

    And just to make it even easier – over 150 of the themes are already listed.

    I am being genuine – interested – email me – shadow12 gmail 🙂

    Shadow, I’m about to sign off for the weekend (this week has been brutal), but I’ll hit you up with an email around monday 🙂

    If you folks need a hand, I’m happy to help sekhu dot net at gmail dot com – I’m sure the two of you can get it done, but the offer’s there if yer need it 😉

    Would tagging be as good a way to divide up this work as any? Tag all themes with wptheme, which has already started, btw. Use other tags, such as 3col,…
    Andrew, posting and blogging from the FSF meeting.

    This is where I am with it now…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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