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  • I feel completely overwhelmed. Searching Google for “wordpress delete comment spam” or “wordpress delete all comments” has lead me in circles and left me more befuddled than before.

    I’ve been very ill and when I returned I had over 15,000 comments in my comment moderation page. After two weeks of searching keywords based on my blog using the “search comments” field, I’ve found around 100 comments that are valid, but at this point its taking far more energy than I physically have to sort through this nightmare.

    Most of the posts I’ve found through my Google search assumes a heavy working knowledge of wp and left me scratching my head.

    I have Akismet running but its only identifying the ones I’ve marked as spam or those that have arrived since installing it. I already had 15,000 comments before I installed it so all those before are floating in my moderation tank. If I hit the “check for spam” button provided by Akismet, I’m presented with a blank page and no movement on the status bar in my Firefox browser. I’ve let it sit for as long as a half hour and nothing happens so I’m guessing either something is dreadfully wrong or I simply do not understand how this is supposed to work.

    My question is simple, I just want to delete all comments with more than one or two links in them. I wouldn’t mind deleting all unapproved comments, but there’s no simple way to do this that I can see either. The only way I’m given to delete these comments is one moderate page at a time. Meaning I’m only given 20 comments at a time to review. even in list view there are only a handful of comments presented for me to review at a time. I’ve not been able to find a setting to change how many comments I can review at a time so I’m looking at 494 pages of comments right now. I’d rather not go back to the hospital, this time claiming it was wordpress that put me there.

    Can someone tell me a simple way to delete comment spam out of my moderation page? all …lets see…9,500 of them that are left…and hopefully keep the 100 or so good comments?

    a request on top of a request….
    If you are smart enough to know how to do this, would you mind telling me specifically how to do it? handing me a bit of code without telling me what to do with it (be nice) isn’t very helpful. I know I’m not the only one out there with this problem judging by the number of hits I got on my Google search. To be frank, I’m a little surprised at the glib and exasperated replies by some people. If you can’t be helpful I really don’t want to know what you think of me. Keep it to yourself and roll your eyes at someone else. If I were as on top of all this as you are I wouldn’t have to ask now would I? Now, if you ever find yourself going through terminal illnesses, I’ll be happy to return the favor and tell you what I’ve learned. A fella has to have his priorities ya know and being a wp expert isn’t my main priority right now. deleting these insane spammer comments would be icing on the cake.

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  • Probably, there isn’t an easy solution for that. If you are familiar with phpMyAdmin and manipulating the database – you could do from there directly. It still would be a long process… once I had to do it with about 2,000 comments and I hated it 🙂

    Maybe somebody can come up with an easier solution.

    Is phpmyadmin a plugin or an xml file of some kind? I don’t mind poking around in unix if I know what I’m doing. WP is new to me so I’ve not yet been able to spend time getting to know its structure and how to get into it from other ways except the ui provided. That said I don’t mind poking around in the directory and messing with xml files at all if it means saving myself a headache.
    I appreciate the response.

    None of the above.

    WordPress stores every content (posts, Pages, comments, settings etc.) in a MySQL database. phpMyAdmin is a tool, usually installed by hosts, that lets you work in the MySQL database.

    If it exists on your host, it should be accessible from the site’s admin/control panel. (not from inside the WP admin!)

    Actually, if it is not installed on the host server, you can get even a plugin that would help:

    It took some digging around but I found it under a new section provided by my host service. Gotta love those guys at secondratehosting.

    Looks like its going to take some figuring out but it will be considerably less time than any other route I’ve seen so far.

    Thank you so much for the reply and for much needed information. Once I’ve got this down I’ll post my results for others who may stumble across this post and find themselves in the same boat I am.

    Please, be very careful when working in the database! phpMyadmin is a very powerful gizmo and you can delete your whole blog with one single wrong move…

    Maybe, you should do and Export (a.k.a. backup) before starting anything.

    Once the backup is done, click on the wp-comments table on the left, then on Browse in the central pane.
    You should see all the comments listed, each on its own row.
    You can also set to show more than 30 per page, say 100.
    Scrolling down you will see a “Check All link. Click.
    Next to it, there are options what to do “With Selected”. Delete.

    Basically, this is the process…

    I hope you have got some way around to moderate those 10k comment. I can see only one solution from my side using sql query directly on mysql database to delete comments having specific keywords (spammy comments).Indeed this requires knowledge of mysql database and this is risky too.

    Check the Codex directly, perhaps more on point than some of the Google results. Not necessarily an answer but worth checking into,

    I was gonna suggest this plugin Moderator because it is touted for making it “faster to delete spams, or approve comments”… But it might not be ready for the big time with 15,000 comments to deal with. Check it out anyway. Perhaps the author of that plugin would know some other hints for your particular situation.

    Not sure if IntenseDebate could handle this for you, but perhaps. I have not tried their service yet. The company/site was just bought by Automattic, the company of Matt the guy who started WordPress. So they’re making IntenseD work with the upcoming WP 2.7 version. But I think you can already use it with WP 2.6. The neat possibility here is, ID lets you Import comments, and they run antispam (akismet) on it. They also let you Export your comments back to your old system if you wish. I have not tried this, but you could look into it.

    That’s my 3 ideas. I’d start with researching Intense Debate. I have a feeling they could handle this. Hopefully something will work!

    I backed up my entire site before messing around with this thing. I can see how easily you can throw a wrench in the works if your not completely confident in what you are doing.
    Let me rephrase that…completely knowledgeable in what you are doing. Lots of confident morons out there. _grin_

    thanks for all the fantastic help. I’ve been side tracked by other things so this is going to have to take a back seat to real life for now.

    I have a tag question i”ll post under another heading in a moment.
    Again, thank you.

    I don’t know if it’s too late or not – you might be interested in this topic:

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