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  • Hi,

    I’ve this odd problem. I’ve set a captcha to prevent comment spamming, but to no avail, they found a way to get around it somehow. Then I activated the link per post protection and all the spams are now correctly moderated, wheras normal comments are posted right away.

    My problem is that I came back to my admin panel today only to discover that 1025 spams were awaiting my approval. Usually I scroll down to the bottom of the page and make a group modification that I later validate.

    Usually it works, but not today, since the “moderation.php” file only list 581 comments and not the validation button at the end of the form…

    So without validation button and no possibility to make a group modification, I’m left with only one option that I don’t want to get into : erase them thru PhpAdmin…

    Only problem is that I’m not so confident to use it, and if I happen to make a mistake, it’ll be made forever.

    Any clue on how I could get around this bug that prevent me from loading a “moderation.php” page that list ALL 1025 comments and that should normaly end with the validation button ?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would install Spam Karma2.
    That will zoom through what you have and allow mass deletion.

    if they are marked as spam in the db then there is cjd’s spam nuke plugin too.

    Forget the captcha, use Bad Behaviour to help stop spam before it starts.

    As for the existing ones, Spam Nuker should get them cleared out of the database.

    BB & SK2 rock. With BB, not one single bot has been able to get onto my site to post spam and any manually entered spam gets caught and killed by SK2. 🙂

    ok, thanks I’ll try that and post the results.

    Ok, I tried both Bad Behaviour & Spam Nuker and that looks promising.
    Spam Nuker allowed me to erase quite a lot messages (around 400). But spammers came back this morning and I still have 1022 messages awaiting moderation, mostly because they all contain over 10 links..
    And I still can’t load the moderation.php file properly because it stops loading after the 500ish comment. So still no button, and still no possibility to switch those comments to spam status.

    Any clue on how to proceed ?

    BB should be blocking them if you have it installed right.

    However, since it seems bots are still getting around it, did you install Spam Karma 2 like suggested above?

    not until now.
    I wish I had.
    This thing is like using a tank to kill mosquitos.
    Thanks for the second head’s up !

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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