• I am using the standard free version and it is outstanding. Super simple to create custom forms on every page if desired, this plugin form maker is a delight to find and use. My major issue however is that the form is set always to the left side of page and it is impossible to center. I’ve tried css codes, html codes etc. to change the location to center and nothing but nothing works to change the form location from left to center! Also the font color is fixed to a medium gray. It cannot be changed even in the edit page since the page is “inactive”…A real pain but I can live with medium gray since the form and the email/submit funtion is so exceptionally well done. I can only imagine how great the pro version must be…but for my site it would be overkill.

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  • Plugin Author srwells


    Form styling is always overridable via CSS in your theme, but you may be using the wrong selectors or using the wrong CSS. To change the font color, you would wand to use something like this:
    .with_frm_style, .with_frm_style label{color:red !important;}

    Changing the location of the fields is a bit more tricky as the proper CSS would depend on what else is going on in the page, but something like this should move the fields over
    .with_frm_style {margin-left:50px}

    I provided this CSS to help you see that the styling can be overridden in the free version. If you need further help with this, you may want to consider upgrading to the Pro version where the styling is all changeable from the user interface, and you could then contact us for further support with this as well.

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