• I’ve been using the WordPress OAuth Server plugin for 2 to 3 years, with Rocket.Chat as the OAuth Client – so authenticated WordPress users, could then connect to Rocket.Chat as an authenticated user, without having to sign in again.

    At one point maybe a year ago, they were on maybe version 3 or 4, and the plugin stopped working. At the time, their support said that I’d need to pay for their pro plan for this functionality, which started at $400 annual for a limited number of users, which was beyond our budget. So I downgraded and stuck with the older free plugin. But then out of the blue, their newer plugin version 5 was updated to allow this to work again.

    However the subsequent upgrading of WordPress, miniorange, other plugins, and RocketChat, made everything stop working again. And then RocketChat just woudn’t run. The entire thing was completely frustrating. I ended up creating a new chat server and installing Rocket.Chat from scratch. But I couldn’t figure out the exact combination of settings in mini-orange and the Custom Oath of Rocket.Chat, to get it all working.

    I opened a ticket with MiniOrange and pleaded for their help. I was extremely surprised that they spent the time (2 people, a jr tech and a senior tech) to talk to me voice (I think they were 12 hours ahead of me though), then remote into my WordPress and Rocket.Chat settings, to configure exactly what was needed on both sides. For free.

    At one point I saw a post, somewhere, that said they were going to start charging $30 or something for support cases. That would be well worth it, for the time they spent to get me up and running. But at this point, they provided the help for free.

    If anyone needs help with the exact settings between WordPress, miniorange OAuth server, and Rocket.Chat custom oauth settings – let me know.


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