• I had issues while trying to install. (Not JomRes problem)

    Vince from JomRes has bee3n fantastic. He has gone out of his way to provide me with a solution.

    15/10 for customer care

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  • Plugin Author jomres


    Thanks Alan.

    For anybody using Siteground (who have a fine reputation, this isn’t meant as a dig against them) it appears that they make the root directory unwritable on WordPress installations.

    If you see a message “Jomres dir is not writable” when you try to activate* Jomres then log in via ftp and in the public_html directory create a sub-directory called “jomres” and that should resolve the issue.

    * Jomres is actually two parts, for the purpose of working with WordPress. The first part is the bridging code that allow Jomres and WordPress to talk to each other. When you install Jomres thru the WP online plugin installer what you’re actually doing is downloading the bridging code. The main part of Jomres is only downloaded, unzipped and installed when you actually Activate it.

    Hristo Pandjarov


    SiteGround Representative

    Hristo from SiteGround here.

    Although you can easily change the permissions of that folder to allow group to have writing access, it’s not a good practice for any plugin to put any data there. Isn’t there a way you can use the wp-content folder?

    Plugin Author jomres


    Hi Hristo

    Let’s just say that it would be very impractical to do so. Jomres works on both Joomla and WordPress, and has been working from it’s own directory off the root since the mid naughties. To date this hasn’t been problematic for any of our users.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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