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  • Hi all,

    I have looked around the help forums and I am not getting anywhere so I figured my best option was to just make a post.

    Basically, I have my wordpress blog all set up. However, I have added a link to the sidebar to link to a page that will have some mp3’s for download. I am just hardlinking to this .php file (which I have created).

    I had it in the folder of my theme that I was using, and that was saying that the php file could not be found, so I basically just copied what the index.php files had (in the wordpress and wp-content folders) and changed the name to “songs.php”. When I linked to it then, I would get the site to be found, but it would only be showing me the same as index.php.

    So finally, I took the “songs.php” that was in my themes folder and moved it directly into the wordpress folder. That gave me the basic stuff, but no style, and some errors looking like

    Warning: include(header.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /~PATH~/songs.php on line 1

    So I am confused. I either need to call the functions from the folder that isn’t the theme, or be able to change some file so that when i go to /songs.php on my site, I will get what I am looking for.

    Thank you,


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  • Scenario #1. Your file is in the theme template.
    You cannot link directly to a template file.
    If you want to use it as a Page template, edit it accordingly AND create a new Page by using that template.
    More: (see the Templates sections)

    Scenario #2. Your file is outside of the theme directory (anywhere). It needs to be a full file (with head, body etc. – so, it cannot be a simple copy of the index.php template file!)
    When you have the file ready, put this at the very top, before everything:

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