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  • Hi,

    first of all: thanks for the plugin!

    Now for my “problem”:

    usually the share buttons are outputted at the end of a page. Now I have a particular page where the buttons should be in the middle of the content.

    Now what I did is to add [shariff] at the wanted place.

    But then the share buttons are still also at the end.

    So I activated the Shariff für diesen Inhalt deaktivieren. checkbox. Well, all two places for the buttons are gone alltogether.

    I eventually fixed this by adding the following in the middle:

    [shariff] hideshariff Now my other text on the same line because otherwise there's an empty <p></p> or a <br> introduced...

    Well, is this the best way to do it? Seems at least like the only one 😉

    I’d rather just use [shariff] together with the above deactivate option. Better maintainable, less cumbersome for my colleague authors…

    Also I thought that the option and the hideshariff text would do the same, but does not seem to be.

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