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  • tomfoley


    Hi all,

    I’m looking for something that would output a single line of text, based on the day and the time.

    My situation is as follows;

    I am doing some web work for a local community radio station. Many radio station websites are able to tell you song last played, who’s on air, current song etc. We are not yet in a position to provide the feed information for those type of solutions to work.

    Rather we would simply like to place the schedule data inside WP or a plugin, and then based on server day and time, select the corrosponding line and output that to the page.

    I’m fairly sure that something exists, but searching for radio, schedule and variations thereon produces a myriad of plugins that are more geared towards having a direct feed from MP3 tags etc.

    So if anyone could suggest a solution I’d be very grateful.

    Thank you,

    – Tom

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  • Hey Tom,

    Just wondering if you managed to find out how to do this?


    – Seb

    Also interested. I’m building a church site and would like to output certain words and pictures depending upon what the liturgical colour of the day is.

    For example- The colours for this week might be:
    White, Green, Green, Green, Red, Green, Green
    There are only Red, Green, White, Purple to chose from.

    I would like to output the matching colour for the background or a picture with that colour predominate in it.

    Also, the year is broken into several Seasons:
    Advent, Lent, Easter, etc.
    I’d like to place a small picture for the appropriate season in the sidebar or the header or the name of the season..

    I know I’ll most likely have to either create a separate csv file or enter the info into a database, but that’s my problem

    Any news on this?

    I’m also interested.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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