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  • Hi

    I’m being informed by my VPS hosting provider that I’m taking up too much CPU cycle time for a VPS system. Apparently I’m using up ~25% when I should be around 5%.

    This week we crested over 10k page views for a couple of days, usually it’s like 7-8k.

    We run between 5 and 10 posts/day, and each post gets between 20 and 50 comments. We’re using Intense Debate for comments and Atahualpa by bytes for all, for a theme. We’re running WP Super Cache with default settings, and not much else for optimization.

    Our hosting has informed us that pretty much no matter what we do, there’s no way we’ll ever get WP down to an acceptable CPU utilization level with that kind of traffic.

    1) Based on the info here, do we have a reasonable chance of being on anyone’s VPS? or do we really need to be on a dedicated system?

    2) What kind of dedicated hardware for a dedicated system would be required? Hopefully the ~200/mo bottom-rung type stuff?

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  • A DV setup from Media Temple may be a good bet. Or you may want to check out WiredTree’s Manged Hybrid accounts…they would probably be more than enough and well within your budget.

    Thanks for the links…nicely in-between our $50/mo VPS and the $200 dedicated.

    Doing a little googling, I see Media temple’s GS service getting nothing but lousy reviews across the web, although most are kinda old. Not as much bad press on the DV.

    Very little review press on Wiredtree.

    Can anyone speak from experience for either?

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    Per the Forum welcome, we close topics like this due to the amount of spam that they attract. The WordPress team has provided a list of a few recommended hosting providers. For more details and other recommendations, please search through the forums or via Google (or your preferred search engine).

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