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  • Hello, I’ve recently implemented ads into my website. I have had around 800 hits since doing so, but no clicks. I do have a number of outgoing link clicks from my site to what looks like javascript code which I believe is what Adsense runs on?

    This is a link to the image, I think when people are clicking on the ads – they are not taking them anywhere. But I can’t be sure because I can’t click the ads myself to find out!

    Please can someone help 🙁

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  • Please post your site URL (not short).

    Ads are being served properly. What’s your average CTR per week?

    Haven’t had them up for a week yet, only about 4 days. Am I being a bit pre-emptive? Thanks for your help!

    What is the CTR yesterday?

    Well, my Adsense is displaying it that I’ve had no clicks whatsoever. Although I’ve had around 900 hits. I can’t get the exact stats at the moment because I’m on my iPad – I’ll grab them tomorrow and post back here, thanks for your help!!

    Login to your account and check. It is almost impossible that you had no clicks. It can be a case of your clicks being hijacked.

    It’s 0.00% 🙁 How can I stop them being hijacked?

    Cheers, Tom

    That is really bad. You should get anything from 0.5% to 2% depending on your content. There is a possibility that your clicks are being redirected. You have to do some experimenting and decide for yourself. Try these methods one by one and watch for two days each.
    1. Change your theme to any good theme and place the ads anywhere but near your content and see what happens.
    2. If you use plugins to inject Google ads, try to place ads without plugins after you complete the first step. Watch for two days.

    If the above two steps do not show any change the issue is elsewhere. Anyway, try and report back.

    The theme I use is from – so I doubt it will be the theme? I inject them all via HTML. So I don’t think thats an issue either 🙁

    I currently don’t have an Adsense payment method set up, it’s waiting to be verified. Could this be an issue in any way?

    Thanks so much for your help, I’m so confused.

    I currently don’t have an Adsense payment method set up, it’s waiting to be verified. Could this be an issue in any way?

    If you did not specify a method of payment, your payment will not be sent to you and the accrued amount will be credited to your account. It will not affect the clicks, if ads are already being served on your site. You can verify these at your account. Make a tour of all the provisions on this in your account.

    If ads are already served and no clicks are shown so far, it is clearly a case of the clicks being hijacked. The possible reasons are exactly as I indicated in most of the cases. I am not blaming any themes or plugins. But by doing the tests I suggested, you can zero down to the source.

    Did you do the tests suggested by me?

    I’ve changed the theme. should I just leave it for a day or so? As for the plugin suggestion, I don’t use plugins for my ads.

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