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    Lately, I’ve been getting the following error blasted on the top of my clients’ sites which I host on Pantheon:

    Ninja Forms has detected an outdated TLS Version

    Please contact your host and have them update your environment to support TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1

    I’ve double-checked, and Pantheon is definitely running TLS 1.2 *and* HTTP/2.

    Is this a problem with Ninja Forms, or Pantheon?

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  • same here, but not hosting with Pantheon.

    I’m getting this message on a couple of sites that I host, as well. My servers are set up to serve HTTP/2, with TLS 1.2 and 1.3. TLS1.1 isn’t allowed and I’m still getting this message. Not sure what’s up.

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    Okay, awesome, so it’s the plugin, not the host (not that I ever thought it was the host…

    I guess next step is to go to Ninja Form’s site and post this there, somewhere? They don’t seem to be monitoring this forum. 🙁

    I got this message, too, with another host. They checked and verified that the site is already on TLS 1.2. So, yes, I think this is a plugin issue. Thanks all!

    I contacted NinjaForms and got the following very helpful response:

    I’m so sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

    To check the TLS status on your site, a test CURL request is sent from your site to PayPal’s site (https://tlstest.paypal.com) It appears that the site, https://tlstest.paypal.com is down or no longer available which is why you are seeing this false error message.

    I have notified our developers of this issue and you should be able to ignore the TLS error warning until we can release an update for the plugin.

    Thanks for being a hero and reaching out to Ninja Forms, @morganrideshorses — it kept getting pushed further and further down my to-do list. And thanks for sending us all the update! You rock.

    Happy to help! I got another message from the Ninja team that they have made an update and if you use Ninja Forms PayPal Express you should update the plugin.

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    @taupecat @aleviton @gaswirth @askdesign @morganrideshorses
    This false TLS error should be fixed in the latest version of the PayPal add-on

    I’m not using PayPal express. Just Ninja Forms Version 3.4.20. I’m still seeing the TLS issue.

    Nevermind, this seems to be a conflict with the Political Options plugin for the FrontRunner theme.

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