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    One of the outdated templates is the password reset template which no longer works. Please anyone using this template verify on your end.

    This is a critical issue and I hope they fix it soon.

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    There is an interim fix of copying the newest version of the email template files from the woocommerce plugins folder,


    as shown here:

    There will be some irregularities with this method until the Shopisle guys can verify on their end.

    Hi @andreastyrosvoutis,

    Could you please give more details on this? Are you having trouble with a custom email template? I’m asking because the theme is not changing anything regarding those.


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    From the recent woocommerce change, I forget the exact version around when I made the post. Woocommerce started complaining about “old template versions in the Shop Isle Theme.”

    Then I noticed that All password reset emails stopped functioning.
    Its possible other templates as well stopped functioning.

    Copying over the email templates from that release of woocommerce enabled the templates to start functioning again. If you follow the posted link this is a common issue on themes that try and modify the templates and yes, Shop Isle has its own Woo email templates included.

    Its possible that this is an oversight because I do not this Shop Isle actually changes the templates, but instead includes some old but default woo templates.

    Including them in the theme is perhaps an oversight and they should not be included whatsoever but I had to overwrite them with the current Woo ones to make it work.

    I would prefer to remove the templates completely and rely on the templates that come with wv, but I do not know if the theme actually needs them in there or not.

    There were several posts around the same time as mine telling ShopIsle about the issue I found an interim fix and perhaps you guys can release a new version of the theme which completely removes any inbuilt and old wc email templates.

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    Based on your first confused response regarding woo templates, I had a closer look in several things.

    1. I looked at the shop isle svn / trac and noticed that none of the previous versions as far as I could see had included any woocommerce template emails. Like you were saying.

    2. I have no idea why my shop-isle folder contained them to begin with.

    3. Which explains why mine got errors when woocommerce updated.

    Since I am not modifying any of the templates I will remove them from the theme folder completely.

    I still have no idea how woocommerce email templates got added to the theme directory. Usually this is done for customization but I have no customized my emails at all.

    Very strange.

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