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  • Hello, Dolly is meant to show how easy it is to create a plugin.

    But, to create a plugin for your own use may be even simpler.

    On the other hand: Much has changed in WordPress since this plugin was launched. Almost all new plugins that are submitted to the plugin directory of are now supposed to be correctly prepared for community translation. This plugin isn’t “Translation ready”, after all, it’s just a piece of lyrics (i.e. something that is hard to translate in itself, especially the way the code is written…)

    Nowadays, a big part of all WordPress installations are in other languages than en_US. If someone happens to activate this plugin in a language with different script (say, Russian), it looks strange. In a RTL environment (Arabic, for instance) it will just be awkward. We’re able to translate EVERYTHING ELSE that comes with a standard installation package but this piece of sample plugin.

    I think it’s time for a new sample plugin, a correctly i18n-prepared sample plugin. A sample plugin that new plugin developers actually may study to learn how to do things right.

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