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  • Hi,
    I’m using the full-node adapter.
    I can receive money but when I try to send out, the transaction is not being processed.
    No TXID is being assigned; the transaction remains with “retries 3” even after I retry it.
    I’m pretty sure I ran all the checks and have bitcoind functioning, but this is my first
    time using it; is there anything I should know?

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    Hello and welcome,

    Sounds like your cron job mechanism is not running for some reason.

    Withdrawals and internal transfers are processed whenever the cron jobs run.

    So, go to “Wallets” -> “Cron job” and click the link once to run it manually. Normally, your withdrawals or a batch of withdrawals should first go from unconfirmed to pending, and on the next run they will be either executed, or the number of retries will go to 2. If a withdrawal fails, the sender will receive an email with an error message (but only if emails work on your server).

    Once you’ve established that withdrawals are running when you trigger the cron jobs manually, you can then look into how to trigger that url automatically from elsewhere.

    I’ve also put up a relevant article about debugging outgoing withdrawals here:

    Hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you’ve resolved the issue or if the withdrawals are still stuck.

    with regards,

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    I’ve run the cronjob and got:
    Also I had an error in the bitcoind command line where the curl commands had the wrong url.
    However there is still no txid.

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    If you only ran it once, then this is the expected behavior.

    Also, check to see if there is a confirmation required either by an admin or by the user. By default, users who request withdrawals receive a confirmation link in their email that they need to click. Once the user, and an admin, if required, have confirmed the withdrawal, it can progress from unconfirmed to pending. Then, on the next cron job run, the withdrawal is accepted.

    So, in conclusion, what is the transaction status, and how many retries is it at? You can check the transaction status at “Wallets” -> “Transactions”. Hit the cron job url a few times and see how the transaction state changes.

    Also, is your adapter in a locked state? (see the article for details)

    Let me know.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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