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    I recently installed the plugin, and after that I visited my site a couple of times, from different computers and using different browsers. During each visit, I went over a couple of the pages on the site, I downloaded a couple of files and I clicked a specific link a couple of times. The downloaded files were all PDF-files.

    Now, these visits show up in my Google Analytics report, in particular the specific pages that I’ve visted are shown. When I go to “Content” –> “Events”, the link-clicks are also specified in the “outbound-article”-category. But the downloads do not show up here.

    In the plugin settings, I have checked the “Track outbound clicks & downloads”-box, and as mentioned above the outbound clicks are registered. But not the downloads. In the “Extensions of files to track as downloads”-box, I have the following: doc,exe,js,pdf,ppt,tgz,zip,xls,png,jpg.

    The files that are available for download are located in folders like /documents/reports, with respect to my domain. They have been uploaded via my FTP-client and not via the WordPress-interface.

    Can someone tell me why the downloads don’t show up in the statistics? Do I need to do something to make them appear?

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

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  • I tried to upload a file via the WordPress Dashboard, and it ended in the folder …/wp-content/uploads/2013/04. I then put a link for this file on my site and downloaded the file from this link. And this now appears in my Google Analytics report, as “download” under “Events”.

    So it seems that the plugin only tags files for download in certain folders. Is there a way to manually tag files for download that are not in the …/wp-content/uploads-folders? If yes, how can this be done?

    Problem solved:

    Initially, I had made all the links for downloadable files on my site with relative paths – for instance with

    <a href="/documents/document1.pdf" target="_blank">File</a>

    for a file document1.pdf, located in the documents folder. This allowed me to download the files from the site, but they wouldn’t occur in the Google Analytics events this way. For this to happen, I had to specify absolute paths – in the above case this would be:

    <a href="" target="_blank">File</a>

    And then the file downloads occur in the Google Analytics statistics.

    So it didn’t have anything to do with the upload via the WordPress Dashboard; it only seemed so because I (randomly) made the link for that file with its absolute path.

    I have discovered the exact same thing. The problem with specifying the URL for external linking as an absolute is that if I change domainname I will have to update all my wordpress pages/posts and replace the absolute URL to the new name.

    So I would prefer to be able to track the relative urls to? Mine look like: /ext/?uri=…………, so for instance /ext/?uri=

    They only get tracking code javascript if I specify them as

    Would this be possible?

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