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  • apolloman


    hi there dear and good day dear Giorgos Sarigiannidis,

    first of all: many thanks for bringing Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap to the world: this is just outstanding and great! i am a big big Gutenberg-Fan and i have to tell you – this is so great i love your block!

    can i exort maps – created by requests to the page: and export the kml-results into your block!?

    That would be more than great.
    i like the features and the options that we have with it. At the moment i am in the early planning stages of a new project.

    again – the approaches: well i want to export the maps in kml or geojson.

    u want to have the dataset of the hospitals of

    a. southamerica or
    b. europe

    for a overview or for retrival …

    for example a: … showing a map that i have gathered – from

    /* more areas..*/
      /* other queries... */
    out center;

    for example b:

    [out:csv(::id,::type,"name","addr:postcode","addr:city","addr:street","addr:housenumber","website"," contact:email=*")][timeout:600];
    /* more areas..*/
    out center;

    and besides showing some maps i want to offer a retrival: eg with a plugin like

    wp-jobmanager or wp-participants database ( cf; )

    812380089	way	Clínica Tarapacá		Iquique	Barros Arana	1550	
    812714508	way	Hospital Clínico Viña del Mar		Viña del Mar	Limache	1741		
    817842590	way	Hospital de Fresia			San José	301		
    819315869	way	Nueva Clínica Madre e Hijo			Avenida Santa Rosa	1503		
    822509761	way	SurMédica						
    828332217	way	Consalud						
    829563034	way	Hospital de Niños Dr. Roberto del Río						
    831654714	way	Clínica Reñaca						
    832118050	way	Clínica Alemana			Beauchef	765		
    832203189	way	Clínica Curicó		Curicó	Villota			
    840220768	way	Hospital Angol			General Óscar Bonilla	750		
    840359494	way							
    844876695	way	SOS RESCATE ANIMAL	100000	La Huaica	Bernardo O'Higgins	S/N		
    4587756	relation	Clínica Portada		Antofagasta	Avenida José Manuel Balmaceda	2648	
    6066032	relation	Complejo Asistencial Doctor Víctor Ríos Ruiz			Avenida Ricardo Vicuña	0147		
    6634378	relation	Preuniversitario Pedro de Valdivia		Lo Barnechea	Avenida José Alcalde Délano	10581	
    7133551	relation	

    Giorgos well do you think that i can do some thing – eg the import of data that is derived eg or (besides this from) .from or openstreetmap (the GeoJSON or KML data )?

    look forward to hear from you


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  • Plugin Author Giorgos Sarigiannidis


    Hi and thank you for your feedback.

    The ability to import and export locations is not currently supported. It is one of the features that I am planning to implement at some point in the future, but I can’t tell exactly when and how (it’s a project I work in my free time, so it depends on many external factors).

    Your message is very useful though, as it gives me some nice examples to keep in mind.

    Thread Starter apolloman


    hello dear Giorgos Sarigiannidis,

    first of all: many many thanks for your kind words. I am really looking forward to the future releases of Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap,

    this is a great thing and i love the sustainable development.

    keep up the great work – it rocks!

    regards apollo

    Technically, you don’t need a plugin to add a Google Map to your WordPress site. The Google Maps API provides an embed-code which you can insert in a WordPress page. I hope it helps. What is your website link?

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