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    Hello guys,

    First of all, many congratulations for this incredible WORLD OF WOOCOMMERCE.

    I had 3 customer complaints with the same problem:

    The product is showing up as out of stock, even though there are some units in some variations of the product.

    Can someone help me? already happened to someone?

    Thank you very much!

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    After the update and after any modification a variable product, it becomes out of stock… even if stock quantity is large enough.

    The same problem here is a screen recording

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    Hi @jamestryon

    That’s right.

    On some client sites, something like that happened:

    1 – Sale of a variation of a product
    2 – automatic stock down – finished order / until now ok


    3 – The product has other variations with units in stock, even so the product showed without stock.

    But on FRONT-END the customer was able to select them for purchase.

    But anyway, the OUT OF STOCK badge appeared to customers, becoming a mess, out and inside the store.

    I hope this is resolved.

    I ended up choosing a quick way, not the best, I went back all the sites to an earlier version, which were working very well.

    Version 3.5.5


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    Hey there,

    @jamestryon – thanks for the additional information. However, it’s always better to create your own thread and to crosslink, so that we can tackle each site separately. I’ll focus on @mrimpact’s question further.

    So here’s an example product:
    * T-shirt (variable product)
    * 2 variations based on color
    — Red, with stock of 2
    — Green, with stock of 1

    If we sell one red t-shirt, the stock will drop to 1, which still matches. However, I’m understanding that after the stock drops, the entire variable product is set to out of stock – is that correct?

    To confirm, is the Inventory > Manage stock option enabled?

    Manage stock
    Link to image:

    I’m asking all of these questions so that I can test the behavior on my end.

    I ended up choosing a quick way, not the best, I went back all the sites to an earlier version, which were working very well.

    I’m glad you found a workaround! In the case of 3.5.5 > 3.6.x, this is fine. please do note that it may cause trouble if there have been database updates, so be careful with this in the future.

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    Hey @mrimpact – just to confirm what @fernashes mentioned: I haven’t been able to reproduce this at all. Can you please indeed confirm what the steps are and the specific settings you have in mind?

    not able to reproduce stock error
    Link to image:

    UPDATE: It seems that what you’re describing is similar to what has been reported here: – if that is the case, we can mark this thread as resolved, and move the discussion over to there as that’s where our developers are also having a look. Does that sound okay?

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    Hi @fernashes @jobthomas,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    It’s all perfectly filled.

    I have more than 30 customer stores.
    After I updated some stores to new version the problem came up.

    The problem is exactly this one spun here:

    I’m sorry JOB, I do not see why closing this topic being that the problem was not solved here, in several other topics and I see that the problem has not been solved in GITHUB.

    I believe the problem is in the latest version.

    As I said above, I manage more than 30 WOO stores, only the stores that have updated to new version, have shown this same problem.

    I’m counting on your help.

    Thank you so much again!

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    Hey @mrimpact – marking it as “solved” here doesn’t mean that we’re not taking this serious: it’s a clarification that the problem has been identified and rather than support trying to help you here on the forums, it’s now over to the developers (and they focus on GitHub). We want to make sure that other users who see this thread go to the GH repo as well.

    I hope that clarifies.

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