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  • same problem here. guess it’s making upgrade

    Plugin Author kasal


    Yes, there is an upgrade going on, which is taking some more time than expected. I expect it will be back and fully operational in the next few hours.



    The plugin seems to lag on all pages that it is used because your server is down. Why does the plugin need to contact your server to work?

    Please don’t use the excuse that dot.png is needed for loading .js or keeping the .js up to date without updating the plugin.

    Plugin Author kasal


    Upgrade is complete. Buttons should be loading correctly now.

    I have noted this previously — this plugin needs to fail in a more graceful way. If your server goes down, it should not bog down pages where the plugin is installed.

    Thanks for the work you’ve done on this plugin. I hope you can improve it so this does not continue to happen.

    nothing happened here, buttons still out!

    Plugin Author kasal


    Yes, you are right. I will try to rewrite the plugin so that it will load asynchronously. This way it will not bog down pages even if the server is down.

    please write it, that logo’s are loaded from own server\hosting. And only make contact with your server when absolutly necessary. It gives a lot of time lag

    Hi there,
    despite you saying the upgrade has completed I am still having problems with the buttons not showing properly and my website is loading really really slowly on pages where Hupso is included so have had to deactivate the plugin.

    Didn’t realise that the plugin was making a call to your server and it could impact my website. Not sure if this is possible but agree with fort123 is there any way the logos can be loaded from my own server without any reliance on your server.

    same here, buttons doesnt appear and my website is loading slow as a turtle

    same here

    me too

    I have been in the same situation

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    @karenaj – Maybe you could do as I have done and simply deactivate the plugin until such time as the hupso server or plugin is fixed 🙂

    There’s no share buttons that way, but your site(s) will work.

    We have deactivated the plugin as well. I was afraid this would happen because the plugin has been performing really bad lately.

    Its a free service anyway so don´t have much to complain, but it would have been nice to have a paid reliable version.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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