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  • Firstly – a comment: The fact that there is no easy way to search within just one plugin on this forum for a solution renders it ineffective for those using the forum and inefficient for those contributing support.

    My base problem is that every time I activate wp better security I start to get memory problems that initially manifest themselves by some crashed widget displays within the admin interface – e.g. on the better wp security dashboard itself, just below ‘need help’ on the right I get ‘Fatal error: Out of memory…etc in class-simplepie.php’

    I have, and wp better security reports, PHP Memory Usage: 20.7 MB
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M. I also have define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’); set in my wp-config.php.

    I am running wordpress 3.4.2. I have only 4 other plugins running. I have a tiny database as it is a new site. I am not not actively looking for changed files.

    In other words, there is no reason on earth why I should be running out of memory, but every time I activate wp better security I do, and every time I deactivate WBS the problem goes away, so if WBS is not causing memory problems, it is behaving very much as though it were.

    On top of that, after installing WBS I went in and made my WordPress admin area hidden. This worked OK at first – I checked I could still logon after the change, but the following morning the site was down and every attempt to logon redirected me back to the logon screen.

    Because it was a live site I was not interested in lengthy investigation so just deleted everything, files and DB, re-installed and restored from backup. After the restore I could logon, and the homepage for the site displayed OK, but every other page gave a 404 error despite the pages being there and published. I then deactivated WBS and the problem went away – i.e. the site became available as normal.

    Currently I am running WBS but with some options turned off (Like hiding the admin area) but I am still getting the memory problems. This means, for example, that if I want to make changes to my ‘WordPress SEO’ settings, I have to de-activate WBS first, as otherwise I cannot see many of the ‘WordPress SEO’ settings. After I have made changes I turn WBS back on – but then I get the out of memory issues again and the uncomfortable feeling that it makes the site less stable even if it is better protected security wise.

    I really want to use WBS and use it to implement a thorough security regime, but I find that
    a) the memory issues are troubling
    b) the potential for self-injury is large

    For now, I would be really grateful if someone could help me resolve the memory problems so I don’t feel like I’m sailing in a leaky boat.

    For info the 4 other plugins I am using are: WordPress SEO, SEO rank reporter, contact form 7 and really simple captcha.

    I’m running on Apache / Linux on a VPS.

    If you need any more info let me know.

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  • I agree. Information access for problem solving/research is painful. I’m looking for other information and thought I could help some here.

    Your memory report has a conflict. Limit in wp-config v. the maximum you report. Take a further look at where you are getting your numbers and try to resolve. Not probably what will fix your immediate problem.

    Based on your report, there is a memory issue which needs to be addressed. It is installed in a lot of other systems. Keep your options open that this might not be the problem.

    Try de-activating your other plugins. Something is definitely wrong. Although reported in WBS not conclusive as source.

    Try turning off some of the plugin features and see if this helps.

    The hide login option is one that I am looking at. Currently it is OK for me.

    It is frustrating. The potential for error exists. The potential for self-inflicted damage exists.

    Further to this I have been experimenting with different memory sizes and I have noticed that WP Better Security, in the dashboard, is reporting my PHP Memory Limit: 256M, regardless of what it actually is. I’ve been making changes, verifying with phpinfo, but my WPBS continues to report 256M.

    I just mention this in case it gives a clue to the memory problems I have experienced.

    Any help / suggestions welcome…

    Thanks SoftBlue – I hadn’t seen your reply when I sent my previous note. I did go through an exercise of deactivating and deleting any plugins I didn’t really need, which mitigated but did not resolve my memory issues.

    As a follow up to this, yesterday eve I deactivated and reactivated BWPS and everything just started working OK. I suspect it was something that was not right on the hosting side that they got around to fixing. I wish I could be more specific but when something gets to working properly I tend to not worry too much about why and how.

    I would like to say that I think BWPS is a great plugin. I’m relatively new to WordPress and was concerned, looking at my logs, to see more activity on system files than on my home page.

    After going through the BWPS process all I see are genuine visitors, so that has to be worth a bit of strife…

    I second the suggestion I saw elsewhere though, that paid for support would be worthwhile.

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