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  • Hi WPMU DEV Support:

    I had used your Wiki plugin before for an earlier Wiki page, but then deactivated and deleted it once it was no longer needed for my site. Now, several years later, I need it again, so I have reintroduced the plugin, and created a new wiki with two layers of sub wikis. Curiously, the main title of the index on the top wiki appears as the subtitle of one of the pages that I used in the earlier set of wikis. I have looked for such a page or wiki in the normal menus but cannot find it. Any suggestions for how to remove or rename it? I assumed it would be the same as the name of the main wiki itself. I am using Wiki and my theme is TwentyFifteen.

    My apologies if the answer to this questions is obvious.

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  • Hello andrew,

    I’m not sure I understand correctly this issue – is is possible you could show me that on live site and point exactly what is from former Wiki installation?

    You wrote that you looked in the menus – but did you also looked in the list of the pages?

    kind regards,

    The page is not yet live but I can share a screenshot (not sure how to do that on this forum). Below is the text copied and pasted from the top wiki page, without formatting. “Hinweise zur Briefeditionen” is the correct (German) title of the overall wiki. Then comes the tabs and the location of the wiki within my menu. Then the index for the sub pages is supposed to come. The “False title” of the index is the German word “Monate”. The numbered list below are all correct: they are the two subpages, and from there there are more sub-sub-pages. That is all good. The part that seems to be a “holdover” is the word “Monate” as the title of the index for the subpages.

    Protected: Hinweise zur Briefeditionen

    Create new
    Die Geschichte bisher… > Hinweise zur Briefeditionen

    [Einleitende Text…]


    1. Darstellung des Briefwechsels
    2. Editorische Bearbeitung

    Hello andrew,

    I’m terribly sorry for delay on my end. I tried to replicate that issue on my testing site but I could not.
    Actually there is no title above list of the wikis: – there is only content.
    Also list of the wikis is unordered list and if you didn’t modify what you pasted on your side is ordered list.
    Is it possible that you have some custom functions that are changing Wikis page?

    kind regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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