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  • Plugin Author Sayontan


    Curious about your comment. What is it that is out of the dark ages about this plugin?

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Again, why is this out of the dark ages? The plugin does offer vanilla layouts (square / circular thumbnails), and others that are pretty modern (Justified Grid, Masonry, and Mosaic grid). What else are you looking for that Photonic does not offer?

    A working demo web site (+ graphic interface to avoid typing code…)

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    A working demo web site

    Sorry, I am unable to understand you.

    This is a fully working demo website – none of the examples there are screenshots. Feel free to run it on a desktop to check the layouts rearranging. Which part of it is not working or not a demo? Let me know and I will make sure it gets fixed.

    (+ graphic interface to avoid typing code…)

    There is a full graphical interface for the plugin, which is launched when you click on the “Add / Edit Photonic Gallery” button in the Classic Editor, and if you click on the Photonic block while using Gutenberg. See here for screenshots of what you should see. This interface contextually builds out the full gallery for you, including giving you a listing of all your albums, layouts etc. Are you unable to see the buttons / Gutenberg blocks?

    Also note that you can use this page as the starting point for all your documentation, as well as the Photonic → Getting Started page in your dashboard.

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    I find Photonic a brilliant, flexible, easy-to-use plugin. Select the options you want and the code is generated for you. Easy, and easy to make changes (again auto-generated when you change whichever options you need to)

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Following up.

    If you are not seeing Photonic’s gallery builder, it is due to a problem with your theme, not Photonic. In such a case you can open a support ticket and I can look into it.

    An interactive gallery builder has been a part of Photonic for over 18 months now.



    @sayontan – Great follow up responses to an unstructured, unreasonable criticism of your great plugin.

    @shiva108 – If you are going to give one star ratings to plugins, try and have them make sense so that others can use them to decide if they want the plugin or not.

    I hope this one star review doesn’t deter anyone from getting this excellent plugin. It is the backbone of my photo gallery website.

    (It’s a shame these useless 1 star reviews can’t be removed.)


    Cudos to the autor of this plugin who outclassed your condescending demeanor with civil to the point responses. He actually answers you politely trying to help you out in spite of your non-constructive approach.

    It’s pretty obvious to everyone but yourself that the only thing out of the dark ages here is the plugin user in question.

    To the author: I will be using your plugin for my next project. Thanks for putting it out here for the WordPress community! 🙂

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