• In 2023 a client’s site got hacked and over 500,000 user accounts were added within a 2-week period, over the past year they have been manually cleaning the accounts, but the server gives errors if they try to delete more than 50 at a time. I recommended they use this tool as it’s free in its basic form, but it still did not work properly, so I reached out to the support team, asking if we buy it, will it work better. The replies came fast and said we could use the schedule on the Pro version, they even sent links to help us understand how to configure it. So yesterday I bought it and set up the schedule. This morning it is showing over 60,000 of those accounts have been deleted. It’s deleting 1000 ever 30 minutes or so, which is much better than we could do manually. $29 to take away the stress is great value.
    I will also say a massive thanks to the guys who were replying to me, even though I’m in the UK, I never waited more than a few minutes for a reply.
    10/10 guys, thank you 🙂

    This is how much it did overnight:
    570,131 01/05/2024
    Bought WP BULK Delete Pro
    509,079 03/05/2024 8:27am
    507,180 9:00am


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