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  • Goodday to all,

    we have adjusted our form setting a lot data and of forms.
    You can see it here

    under the name of the fruits on the bottom of the page under the work in progress image (in Italian sorry).

    Our forms are a lot complicated now and when I change something, Jazzy form will take a while to restart and save the form.

    Btw, what I wanted to suggest to the next development of Jazzy are these implementation:

    1. “copy” and “paste” function of form or of single
    2. The width and lenght of the forms (I know the css but…)
    3. the “must compile” this form
    4. the form of forms = if i choose this the show me that form or another one
    5. the email: I need to let know if a “check” form is compiled or no, and show if is checked or no.

    The last one is important!

    Thx m8, Jazzy form is beautiful and I love it…
    It has a potential than every day makes me say: “Wow fantastic! Let’s do it!!!”

    Hoping to hear from you a new update soon…

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  • Damn, sorry… I failed in sending 2 of those posts…

    I’m going to close the other one post.

    Sorry. Really…
    Pardon me.

    Buddy you need to do something about the links that you stuck in the form. They should open a new window- or just explain the difference right there with text.

    Oh, yep… I think I will fix it as soon as possibly… Thanks a lot!
    I need some beta tester of my form…

    Btw I’ve taken a look at you custom css, it looks great. Just one thing, when I click on your open-window plus button, with firefox, it wont retreat back.

    Thanks again.

    Yeah, that’s just the way those things work. Probably some way to fix it, but that’s beyond me. Thanks though.

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