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  • Nice and very informative site for who’s that interested in fitness.




    pic is too heavy.

    you can change the pic of the girl.



    I agree with jijaybajay. The first image i 500k large. Way to big.

    I would also have some more information on the front page. Something that is usefull and catches the eye.



    I’m inclined to agree with previous posters… when I went to the site my eye was first drawn to the image of the woman, then the social networking icons in the upper corner. I think if you make the social networking icons and the image smaller/lighter and perhaps make the logo a bit heavier you’d do better. The logo is currently the only thing that really says something about what you do, so it makes sense to me to have it be the thing that pops out first on the page. Making it bigger would also keep the word “fitness” from getting lost in the background.

    If you don’t want to make the logo bigger, you could change the text… make it a bit heavier so it draws in the eye and either leave it as is, or change it so it says something about what you do. I like the slogan, I’m just not convinced it’s enough on its own to draw a visitor in and inspire them to take a deeper look at your site.

    Anyway… just my two cents. All that said, I like the theme overall. Good luck!



    Thank you everyone for taking the time to check out our site and offer feedback. We appreciate it very much.

    @ pdxchambers – that’s a valuable two cents, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Damon Clark

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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