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  • the ads on the side look spammy. a tech blog that has gym ads? bad targeting, imo.

    the brown background makes it a bit hard to read too, you might consider switching to a different theme.

    well we’re not really only about tech, but i will take a look at the ads. what about changing the font color? do you think that would help readability?

    The content is fine.
    It would look good if you give a background to the page area which displays the content to separate it from the background.

    Both the foreground and background are of the same colours – Brown.
    Also, please add some margins to the page area.

    what colors do you think would look good?

    and do you know how to add a border to the page area? or some help with where/what the code should be? thanks!

    I tried changing the foreground using Firebug but things got more messed up. There is something wrong with the theme you are using.

    To put things in perspective, have a look at this , in the screen-shot you’ll notice that things look as if they are HANGING and are not structured.

    You need a better theme, by structured I mean they are not in sync. Have a look at my Blog, maybe you’ll know what I am talking about.


    [Sent you a mail]

    thanks for the help. i put borders around the sidebars so far

    You might want to consider making the videos fit the width of the content area.

    yeah, we started to do that with the new ones. the old blogger blog was wider, but the newwer ones we have made smaller

    I have never liked a dark background color, not all that friendly to the eyes. Apart from that, everything else looks good, the featured content plugin is great, and your content is good too,

    I would suggest to add perhaps a little less banner ads and more contextual adsense to the blog 🙂

    The biggest problem isn’t the design rather the lack of focus. A blog about anything and everything just won’t gain any traction.

    yeah i know, its hard for us to get traffic bc we are targeted to a large group that isnt focused on anything specific. weve been experimenting on it the last few months and there is a nitch out there, its finding them thats difficult

    Choose a niche that you’re passionate about. Don’t stress over finding that perfect niche to write about, just make sure it’s targeted.

    For example, just keep it to technology reviews or TV show rants. Don’t mix them all up on the same site. Not only will you not be able to gain a following, search engines won’t know who you are either.

    hey guys, I’m having a similar problem with the background and page color. I’m hoping someone can help. Here’s my blog:

    My goal: to separate the orange background color from the white foreground page color.

    Right now I just have a 300px border around the white page temporarily, but what I would really like is to have the background be the orange color and the page be the white color.

    (It looked great in safari until I viewed it in firefox and the WHOLE page was orange–there was no white page, it look ugly.)

    thanks in advance!!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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