• This program is excellent. It’s fairly easy to set up and import your products into the Revcent account. (you have to open one). Once we imported the products from Woocommerce, we had to go into them in Revcent and set the appropriate ones up, on their subscription basis. This took about a half hour for us, as we were just learning. Now, it would take me just a few minutes.

    After finishing setup, I don’t even have to go into my woocommerce site any more. We can manage everything for each order (even non subscription ones) right within RevCent, and it sends all updates and notes and tracking updates back to Woocommerce.

    I also like how Revcent double verifies the PayPal transactions after they come in, and can even detect disputes. It’s pretty good. I’m very happy I tried it, and the price is very fair.

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