Oulipo Theme's Left Column Issue (2 posts)

  1. wordsmithworker
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello, all. I'm using the three-column theme, Oulipo, and the left column isn't scrolling as the others are. Because the location of text there is set, some pages aren't visible, and therefore viewable, unless the reader has the browser in full-screen mode.

    I read in the wp.com forums before I purchased a domain name that it could be because of the <div commands in the embedded Common License pics I use on each post. The recommondation was to remove the tags. In the HTML edit screen, I moved the pic location, which would logically have changed the "stop here" input and moved the l-column text into viewing range.

    Unfortunately, my newbie logic failed. I changed the viewable posts to only 1 on the home page, another suggestion, and that failed to move the left column text into view range.

    Is it a theme-related position lock that the left column never floats or am I not seeing something that I can do to fix it?

  2. wordsmithworker
    Posted 5 years ago #

    After rereading, I realized I mis-phrased.

    I know that the left column is locked in this theme, but how do I move the text section to an upper-column locked position?

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