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  • I remember there have been several posts about lots of downtime for WordPress blogs hosted by Yahoo. I was very surprised about reading this as I have had been with Yahoo Geocities for four years (static hompage) without any downtime at all.

    Two weeks ago, I’ve become Yahoo Small Business customer with domain and php. Now, the blog has been down for more than three hours. All my other php driven pages are down, too. But there are no problems with my static .html pages – they are up and running. I’ve about blogs that have been down for 24hours and more.

    So, their php support might not been so stable as their static pages? Any other yahoo hosted blogs down at the moment? It seems to happen often?

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  • If you want a working WP install – run away from Y!

    It seems I’ll have to wait 60 days before my domain (registered by Yahoo) can be transferred to a new host. Strange that a huge company like Yahoo – recommended by WordPress – has so much trouble providing a reliable service for WordPress users.

    That’s exactly one of their problems: too “huge” to treat you as a customer. You are number.

    Yes, their customer service is ridiculous. They mainly send you copy and paste answers. I wonder if it is totally automated?

    Another thing: Their software is outdated.They use php 4.3.11 (most recent is 4.44), phpMyAdmin is 2.6 (most recent is 2.8.2) f.ex. and their pre-installed scripts are not the newest ones either – f.ex WordPress is still 2.0.2 and you cannot update it manually (I tried it, it didn’t work as they use a customized WP-version, it seems), webcalendar is several years old.

    My php-applications are still down (for 6 hours now), I’ve sent an email to the support

    Now, the php driven parts of the site have been down for ten hours! (no answer yet from support, but it takes normally 10-24 hours)

    It seems that all yahoo users have left as I’ve received no replies or only my account has problems. I suppose I’ll follow moshu’s advice and look for a new host.

    40 hours after my first email to support I’ve received an answer:

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Web Hosting and giving me the opportunity to assist you.

    I understand that the WordPress blog and the Wiki application does not loads in your account.

    [MyName], for verification and testing purposes, please be sure to include the following information:

    * Your database username and password
    * If you installed the phpMyAdmin tool, we will need your phpMyAdmin
    URL, as well as any other usernames and passwords used to secure this directory.

    After receiving your reply I will escalate your case to our engineering team.

    I look forward to your reply.



    Yahoo! Customer Care

    This was 30 hours ago, I haven’t heard anything since then, and my WordPress-blog is still down (it has been up for 30 min according to

    My wiki is flatfile, so the problem cannot be only related to the database.

    After so many complaints about yahoo in this forum, WordPress should consider removing Yahoo Webhosting from the list of recommended hosts

    You do not have to wait 60 days to move by the way. Simply go to your control panel and point your nameservers to your new host.

    Thanks! Good to know! I think I’ll do that. I’ve already looked for a new host and will move maybe already this week

    Yes, it worked. I’ve changed the nameservers to my new hosting account.

    Yahoo hasn’t resolved the issue! A whole week downtime.

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