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  • HI! I’m looking for a solution of displaying my wordpress posts on my website without having to build my website into a wordpress theme. Is this a good idea?

    I’ve been researching displaying my contents within an iframe and I’ve seen some advice against it. Is this bad?

    What If I do a php include and just include the content area? Is this possible? I don’t know how to do it if so. If someone could give an example that would be really great.


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  • well, i have it in an iframe and it is difficult to judge with post length as content gets cut off if it is too long. Is there a better way!!!???

    How about using the RSS feeds from your WP blog.

    Either using a few lines of php (5+) yourself (example using a feedburner RSS feed, but could be any rss feed),

    <?php //  Load the XML file into a Simple XML object
    $filename =<em>yourfeedname</em>";
    $feed = simplexml_load_file($filename);
    //  Iterate through the list and create the unordered list
    echo "<ul>";
    foreach ($feed->channel->item as $item) {
      echo "<li><a href='" . $item->link . "'>" . $item->title . "</a></li>";
    echo "</ul>";

    This will display an unordered list of your feed titles including a hyperlink to the WP post.
    Additionally you could also display the RSS contents by adding

    echo "<li>" . $item->description . "</li>";

    before the closing “}”

    Then use your site’s CSS for styling.

    You can also use the Google Feed API (you can see it in action on my site but I don’t think I can add a link here. I use the Google Feeds API to display “recent posts”, “recent comments” and “Other news” with a mashup of a few external RSS feeds).

    CARP (do a google search) is another way to convert RSS to html and allows you to include it in a website.

    After all, RSS is about Content Syndication!

    hope this helps.

    I’m really new to using PHP…. so bare with me please! =D I installed the feedburner plug-in on my wordpress blog. I did all the activation stuff and created a feed for my blog. Then I just basically copied & pasted your PHP code into my website where I wanted it to appear. I changed the link address for the feed to my actual feedburner address.

    When I view the website all I see is the PHP code written out like text.

    Am I supposed to copy this code into an xml file separate from the html file and link it back into my html?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    I just found a great way to get your posts to show in a regular HTML website. Feedburner has a free feature called BuzzBoost that once activated you can simply copy the script that they provide into your HTML where you want the list to appear. From your feedburner account you can adjust some elements like whether the Blog title should appear or not, the format of the date, etc…

    You can also style the output using regular CSS within you websites existing CSS.

    It’s a great tool!

    Wow! cool. thanks for sharing. I’ll try that out!

    designworks, did you manage using/implementing the PHP code? Note that you can’t use PHP code in posts unless you use an additional WP plugin, Exec-php (


    Due to my limited knowledge I couldn’t figure out how to make the php code that you provided work. =/ But I was able to use Feedburner’s “Buzzboost” feature to show the posts on the website:

    However, I’d still be interested in learning how to do this without the need to use Feedburner.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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