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    Hi I am curious about testing your plugin, sounds good that it is supposed to be fast and lightweight and good looking and easy to customize the CSS. I understand that it is new and probably still will evolve a bit, and I would like to ask:

    I see your list of file types allowed by WordPress by default and the extra file types added by your plugin. If I want to add yet another file type, (/mime type) to be able to be downloaded thru your plugin, can I do that? We have a child theme, can I add a extra mime type code to some PHP-file to make your plugin handle more file types? Where and how?
    Today I have another plugin to add “extra file types” to WordPress, can that interact with your plugin? But it would be better if it can be done “inside” your download plugin.

    Another question, if a file is over 70 MB, would that cause any problem to upload (backend) or download (frontend) with your plugin? I know WordPress media manager has a max of 32 MB, but it is possible to use ftp and some other plugin to override that. How does your plugin handle big files?

    Is your plugin PHP 7 ready?

    We have members with login and a User role plugin, so we can easily restrict files and pages. That should work fine with your plugin too. And I see your plugin can show download count per file. Does it also show statistics about which logged-in member downloaded exactly what file? (I guess not and it is not important to us, just curious since I know other plugins can do that, but I prefer speed above too many features.)

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    Hi Vitsippa,

    I’m happy to add additional file types for you, just reply with the mime type and I’ll push an update out for you.

    If you wanted to use “Extra file types” to add allowable file/mime types, it should work as they both use the same method of adding the file type.

    I’ve never needed to increase the size of files in the media manager however, it seems simple enough. See this =>

    Unfortunately Better File Download does not show statistics regarding the users who have accessed the file.



    Thank you for your answer, I will do some testing of your plugin the next week or so and maybe get back to you. I just found our web hotel could help to increase the maximum upload file size, so that is probably solved.

    The mime type we need is EXE and the simple TXT. But I know EXE is maybe not something you want to allow by default in your plugin, since it is a “powerful” file type?? If not, it seems we can solve it by adding some code ourself or use an extra plugin.

    How about PHP 7, is your plugin ready for that?

    Plugin Author ndhaddon


    The plugin is absolutely PHP 7 ready ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you wanted to add the exe file type yourself you could have a look at admin->partials->class-better-file-download-admin.php within the plugin and look at the function bfd_add_custom_upload_mimes at around line 1225 or just add the functionality in your child themeโ€™s functions.php like this example



    Ps. .exe files can contain almost anything so you might find that people are hesitant to download them…

    Thank you, now I know how to move further ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Our file is for clients who already knows what it is, not for just anyone. And I agree, there is a good reason why that file type is not generally allowed in WordPress. I would never allow it to be uploaded from the frontend by just whoever comes by…)

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