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    i have a main site on new server (hostgator) and create another one on the same account.
    i trying to set up Google Analytics Dashboard for WP on my new sites, but i got stuck in a big problem.

    i have a domain that i want to stop use it cuz is in a server that i will deactivate soon. GARCHET.COM

    when i configure my Google Analytics Dashboard for WP on my new hostgator site GARCHET.TV, its show stats for garchet.com and garchet.tv together

    im not able to select my real domain on general settings page. thats how it shows..

    View Name: All Web Site Data
    Tracking ID: UA-47144626-1
    Default URL: http://garchet.com

    the only domain that shows to select is garchet.com

    i get the same problem on my other site INSPIRATION.FARM that only shows stats for garchet.com either.. with the same track id

    how do i mange that to show stats for only that site that i am instaling the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP ??

    what am i doing wrong??

    please help me with that



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    Add the new properties/views you need to Google Analytics. Clear the authorization and authorize the plugin again (this will refresh the Select Domain list)

    I did that thousand times before go search oh the web for help..

    i really dont know what is happening.

    i cleared authorisation and cache so many times that i start to think that was the problem.. (;

    i also tried to uninstall and reinstall a few times..

    really lost on that problem.

    hope to get a light with you mate..

    tks for the

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Do you have multiple Google accounts? Maybe you are authorizing the app with the wrong one.

    its possible, but all my sites is register on same email

    how do i manage that ?

    yes, indeed my sites are register over the same email..

    is there any solution ?

    tks for the support

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Post a screenshot from your GA account first screen (with your accounts and profiles), I can’t figure out what’s wrong from the above posts.

    Also post the log from your General Settings -> Data Logging.



    log stars and finish right after the crop image..

    hope that helps.

    got it my frind.. the problem was on GA website..

    thanks very much for the attention and support..

    sorry to bother

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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