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  • I need new photo gallery software. I’ve been using Gallery, but am fed up with it! Just did an upgrade and now can’t access any of the photos! It’s a clunky piece of software anyway and the markup is horrible anyways (tables everywhere!). Does anyone know a good piece of PHP software to run a photogallery? I don’t mean a photoblog either…I want something to manage albums, etc. I’d prefer something that creates valid XHTML and is configurable.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Try coppermine then

    Are Coppermine and Gallery the top two?

    I beleive so, yes! and there was someone (Idahocline) who did a hack to display coppermine nice and clean within a wp page, too.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! What about LaughingLizards’ most-excellent adaptation of WP to create PICTORIALIS? It’s full-featured WP with photo uploading and thumbnail generating capacity.
    Check out

    I wouldn’t recommend Coppermine if you want valid XHTML and clean markup (without unneccesary tables). I’ve tried to do that before and it’s a major pain in the [insert body part of choice], you’d have to not only change the layout templates but also the coding itself – not good if you ever intend to upgrade.
    I like 4images, it has a very clean templating system and it took me no time to make it validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict and take out all the tables (except the one that holds the thumbnail overview). I’d post my result but my WP site is still under construction 🙂 Anyway, you can download it here:

    PICTORIALIS is awesome, but it’s a photoblog, not a photo gallery, at least from everything I’ve read and seen. I think I mentioned I don’t want a photoblog. 😛
    I think I’m going to end up using a smaller project. I’ve found 2 that are nearing completion. I guess the race is on to who can finish first or give me some test code to try out. hehe 😉

    I’m gonna go prepare better documentation for my iPAP/SPAM photo gallery app. Once I finish it, I’ll probably provide a download link on my site. The current preview version is using works just fine. 🙂
    Hopefully after the weekend. 🙂

    I’m also looking for something to create a photo gallery. I think I have a lot less requirements than most people though. I’ve managed to set up WP as a photolog, which works just fine for one thing I’m doing. But I’m making a seperate section of my site to gather up other pics in a different way. Basically, all I’m looking for is some kind of software which will create individual pages for each picture (possibly allowing the option to add a comment about each picture), and group all the thumbnails below it (or anywhere on the page, doesn’t matter). I don’t have a current layout set up, and I’m pretty good at customizing them, so it doesn’t really matter how the page is arranged. I’m kind of liking the setup of the two links MtDewVirus posted above, so basically something similar to that. Don’t need anything fancy. I looked through the ones I’ve seen mentioned, and a lot sound good, I just don’t want to go with one that has too many features I won’t need. Any suggestions?

    Try Singapore:
    Very very simple gallery to work with. You basically create the directories and upload the images and it creates the thumbs automatically. Uses info in filename to delve basic title, date, author. Take a look, imo, it’s one of the better galleries and its valid XHTML…

    I just checked out the site and I’m going to download it now. Looks to be exactly what I want. Thanks!

    That does look nice!!

    Two more photo gallaries which you can think of using:
    Not sure how hard would it be to integrate these with WP.

    Integrating with WP is not really any problem. I use PHP includes for my header, footer, and other things in WP and on my static pages. They all also use the same CSS files. So I’ve basically integrated WP into my site, instead of my site into WP, which I think is a much easier way to go. 🙂

    Photostack looked clean, but, from what I read, you have to manually list out the images in a text file. Not too familiar with WNailer, but it seems a bit clunky. With Singapore, you just drop it in a directory, change a few settings and you have a nice looking gallery. The developer just added batch uploading (by way of a ZIP file) through an admin interface and the ability to customize thumbnail sizes (square, rectangle, etc). It really has a KISS structure, but one that works very well with just enough options.

    I think I’ll try Singapore out this weekend.
    I had also looked at Photostack (briefly) and couldn’t believe that I would have to manually edit text files to add albums, descriptons, etc. And no “nice” permalink structure built it…Ugh!
    I’m currently testing out SPAM/iPAP, but it is missing some features that I would really like.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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