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    Hi Derek,

    I just put in a fresh download of OptionTree into my theme folder where the old version was. I’m using the Benevolence theme, which, as I found out, stops you from making changes to the OptionTree settings. He has arrays in a php file and shows that regardless of what is actually in the database. I commented that out and now am pulling from the database, and I can see that everything is there in the database, but the settings stop short on the settings page.

    Does that mean it’s not really working? Do you see anything offhand that would cause this? I’ve looked over it and the only thing I can think of is to delete it and re-create from scratch but I’m trying not to bill my client for a zillion hours right before the holidays.

    Here, let me put some images online so you can see them.

    Would you please give me your best advice about how to deal with this? I appreciate it! Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Your server is likely having trouble with the amount of options being saved. You should return to using the file or raise max_input_vars.

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I’ve set my own php.ini and the max_input_vars are 9999, but it’s still cutting off after the first Gallery setting. Do I need to have the host reboot the server or ?

    The funny thing is I can reset the file to take over, and then comment out where it doesn’t pull from the database, and everything stays the same until I change something to test it, like putting some different text into the Contextual Help Sidebar. Then it fails, stops after the first Gallery setting and on the Theme Options panel, the settings after Gallery are removed also. ugg! 🙁

    ok I reset it again by letting the file take over, then commenting out the code I don’t want (so it pulls from the database) and it works fine. I can change settings and I can add new settings (see here: “whatever” at bottom). The thing is, I know if I change the Contextual Help text, it will mess up, so while I don’t really need that right now, it’s bothering me that it doesn’t work and I want it to be able to work in the event that I someday actually do need it. That part is actually in the other field in the same table in the database, isn’t it? Why would that affect it cutting off after the first Galleries setting?

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    I’m a bit confused here. Maybe your file is corrupt.

    Well, now it seems to be working. : )

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