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  • I’m trying to make my unfinished weblog visible and workable to others using my own computer as host. This is something I want to do as a test so that I can get feedback on a few bugs I’m trying to remove.

    The weblog is in it’s own folder, not in root. As far as I am able to tell, there are two locations I can put the site in:


    In the Sharing system pref pane both of these have an adress which makes them viewable by others. (View this computer’s website at…) The distinction between these two adresses is just that the latter has the added ~Myusername at the end of it.

    My first problem is that once people have this adress, they can also access any other site I may have on my local server simply by going up one level. I don’t understand this. Permission for the WebServer/Documents folder is set to root and should be accessed only by admin. And still people can see all content of the folder. Is this normal? I’m a little reluctant to open all projects I may be working on to all viewers.

    My second problem is that when a friend of mine uses this adress to try my weblog, he can see it but not comment on stories because connection to localhost was refused. This I suppose makes sense since he is accessing the database and not the php files at that point. But is there any way of letting an outside user fully access my local wp?

    Any input greatly appreciated!

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  • Ok. Never mind. I’m switching host. Once I get the new hosting, MySQL is included so I might as well forget about the entire local weblog and concentrate on a proper online one.

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