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  • Hello,

    i just wanted to know what you think about my first theme. Its a try to port bootstrap to wordpress. The Theme has many options (admin panel) and some shortcodes to add twitter bootstrap elements into posts.

    This shortcodes got added to the TinyMCE and they are:
    – Buttons
    – Alerts
    – Badges
    – Labels

    Furthermore you can change many things right from the admin panel:
    – Show/Hide Title, Description
    – Add Social-Buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, LinkedIn, RSS)
    – Choose a Layout (5 different Layouts)
    – Change Typography and use webfonts
    – Use a Login and/or a Homepage Logo
    – Change Footermessage
    – Use Footerwidgets
    – Use HeroUnit
    – Choose where to add ‘Wells’ (Twitter Bootstrap)
    – Change Backgrounds for Mainarea/Wells/HeroUnit/Footer
    – Use a Navbar with a optional searchfield (fixed top, bottom or static position)
    – and use custom css or javascript

    Here are two screenshots:

    1. Fresh installation with default options

    2. Some tweaks in admin panel ONLY

    Would like to hear some feedback 🙂
    Download it here!


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  • Lacros, its awsome man.I also want to learn theme development from scratch. any resources???



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    The License should be included. It’s GPL.

    @rohan K:
    Sorry, but i just learned from other themes and only searched for tutorials at specific topics. For example a tutorial to create shortcodes:
    Shortcodes Tutorial
    And don’t forget the WordPress Documentation it’s a great resource!

    i love it, so clean and colorful, downloaded 😀

    The sidebar is aligned to left, where do i align it to right?

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    A different alignment isn’t an option right now, but you can change it with custom css. Just add the following into the “Custom CSS” Tab:


    Hope this is what you mean.

    Just added the option to change the sidebar alignment in the options panel. Just download the Theme again and overwrite your files with it. Now go to “Layout” and see the different alignment options 🙂

    Sorry i already fount that, but you need to work better the in page SEO, the article permalink in the home should be H2, and in the single H1, not h3

    Cool Larcos, nice work, i love the admin panel, very professional.

    Nice theme Larcos. Very clean and simple.

    Is possible to add a option to the menu be in the default position but when people scroll down fix in the top?

    Thanks 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    @redlinepc (headings): Big mistake! Didn’t saw it, thanks! Changed it – see the download in the first post.

    Will change a bit things in the next one or two days. Stay tuned 🙂

    Larcos, very cool, perfect theme i was searching. 😀

    Great piece of work, how can i follow you? any facebook page, email newslleter?


    Fixed some bugs. Furthermore the design should be responsive now!

    For future updates please see:

    @redlinepc: you could follow @dotharbor
    Even though its a german tweet, i will post Theme related updates in english and german.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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