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  • I have a WordPress blog. i believe that i have really messed things up. my feeds do not validate. In the error messages it mentions that my feeds are not well formed.

    I am not a techie and my knowledge of html is limited. However, I’ve tried following the suggestions only resulting in making a bigger mess of things. Plus when I search my host control panel I do not even see a file or folder with “?feed=rss2” or “?feed=podcast”. Now my feeds don’t work at all.

    Is there anyway I can delete those original built in feeds and reinstall them fresh again? I’ve searched addons but only find many addins related to rss2 and podcast but nothing that is just the plain, builtin rss2 and podcast feeds that came with WP 2.7.1

    Help please?

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  • Are you saying that you have modified the WordPress core files that create the RSS feeds? If so, reinstall the WordPress files again, on top of the WP files you already have installed – that puts you back to where you were before your changes (make sure to back up your existing files first, just in case)

    There is no folder on disk for any RSS feed – they are generated dynamically as requested, just the way that WP blog pages are.

    Sometimes plugins interfere with RSS feeds. The ultimate WP test is switch to the default WP theme and disable all plugins. If your feeds work correctly in that config, you know the problem is with a plugin or with your theme. If they do work that way, switch back to your regular theme, no plugins enabled, and see if the feeds work correctly. If not, then the problem is in your theme. If they work then enable the plugins one by one, testing the feed after each one, until you find the plugin that is causing the problem.


    Thank you! No it is not the theme or plugins. I understand how to use FileZilla. Can you tell me which files to upload without reinstalling the blog? Also by uploading those files to overwrite is that going to cause problems with the blog from: wp-config.php

    I really appreciate your enlightening me about how feeds are generated.

    Our blog is at:



    They still do not work or validate. in the interim I received the following message from
    WordPress #304286]: Tools – I get a lot of ftml that i do not understand when‏
    From: Naoko – (
    Sent: 14 May 2009 15:25:54

    Hi, Because the problem is not with a blog hosted here at, the best place to ask is at To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities.Please review the following FAQ and Andy’s forum post: Let us know if you have any question. > I did:> None of my feeds (RSS, ATOM, Podcast work or even display. They do> not validate and I cannot add FeedBurner because the existing feeds do> not validate or work.> > I saw:> I get a lot of ftml that i do not understand when I try to validate> the feeds explaining all that is wrong, including that they are not> well formed,> > I expected:> I would like to just reinstall all the feeds so they install and work> correctly without having to reinstall the entire 2.7.1 version that I> have now.> > I’ve searched your knowledge bases, went around and around following> forum threads that do not resolve the problem. I’ve searched the> add-ins but still no original, built in feeds. Only varitions on th> feeds which will not work because the orginal built in Word Press> feeds are not configured correctly and do not work. i am nearing my> wits end trying to resolve this on my own so must contact you. I made> a post in the forum but after several days without response I’ve kind> of put that aside as a means to resolving this. Help please?> – Naoko | Automattic

    This is the error message I receive when I try to validate

    I have the Burberry Podcast add-in (not working) but it shows the feeds and the means to validate them

    FEED Validator
    for Atom and RSS and KML

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    This feed does not validate.

    •line 39, column 1: Undefined channel element: education [help]

    <education> ^•line 39, column 12: XML parsing error: <unknown>:40:2: mismatched tag [help]

    <education> ^Source:
    01.<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
    02.<rss version=”2.0″
    13.<atom:link href=”” rel=”self” type=”application/rss+xml” />
    15.<description>Starchild1 Productions, Ltd.</description>
    16.<pubDate>Thu, 14 May 2009 09:29:02 +0000</pubDate>
    21.<!– podcast_generator=”Blubrry PowerPress/0.7.3″ –>
    22.<itunes:summary>Starchild1 Productions, Ltd.</itunes:summary>
    25.<itunes:image href=”” />
    30.<managingEditor> (SHADOWS)</managingEditor>
    31.<itunes:subtitle>Starchild1 Productions, Ltd.</itunes:subtitle>
    32.<itunes:keywords>education, teaching, training, natural sciences, cosmos, ancient history, ancient civilizations, people, religion, news, media, videos</itunes:keywords>
    38.<itunes:category text=”Education” />

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    I am not an RSS authority so I can only give you general suggestions.

    Your main site does not validate either. The RSS feed is produced from the posts on the main site, so a good first step would be to get your main site to validate.

    Your regular feed seems to be RSS 0.92. I’ve found many people on this forum having trouble with .92 feeds. I tried to validate your RSS2 feed, but it said it couldn’t find it. You might be more successful with the RSS2 feed.

    In terms of reloading the WP files
    1) back up all the files in the WP installation first
    2) wp-config.php is not in the WP distribution – you have to create that yourself, thus it won’t be overwritten. None the less you are backing up first!
    3) unless you are using the default theme your themes and plugins won’t be overwritten either.
    4) download a fresh copy of WP 2.7.1 and upload to your server. You won’t need to touch wpconfig or the database. Just overwrite the existing WP files. It may do nothing, but if someone has modified core WP files, this will refresh them back to the intended state.

    Thank you! I did do the wp- files last evening and it still doesn’t validate or verify. I didn’t upload content, admin or includes. I’mnot sure but will know the result soon. I’ll either have to start another from scratch with redirection or this will work. Thank you!


    I was not able to resolve this issue. I’m not a techie but it would seem there would just be an add=in to restore the original feeeds. I’ve installed a fresh copy of WP and rebuilt it from scratch with feeds working correctly. Thank you stvwlf!

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