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    Hey again, Nevma!

    I recently updated from 0.6.3 to the latest release (0.6.42) on two wordpress sites I manage, and encountered the same problem on both.

    After updating, all the images located on “assets/imgs”, a custom path I include to the plugin’s watched directories would fail to show.

    Upon trying to access them directly, I’d be greeted with the “Original image not found or not available.” error, even though the files did exist (I had to resort to FTP to confirm that though). I later tried deleting and re-uploading the images, but nothing changed.

    Currently I’ve had to resort to removing the custom path from the watched directories –which magically makes the images reappear on the browser.

    Either way I thought it’d be good to inform you of the problem anyhow.

    Thanks once more for the awesome plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Takis


    Hello, again, Pedro,

    Happy new year!

    Could you please tell me if the “assets/imgs” directory is 1inside your WordPress directory or inside the “wp-content” directory?


    Hey, Nevma!

    The path is absolute, as in “”.

    Plugin Author Takis


    Hi, Pedro,

    I believe you only need to set the relative path starting from the root directory of your WordPress installation, like it is already set for the other existing folders in the plugin settings.

    The problem occurs when I have it like this:

    Watched directories

    Is that not right?
    It worked before the update, that’s what’s so puzzling.

    Plugin Author Takis


    Hey, Pedro,

    I did find the error and it is my bad! It seems that from some point and on all these directories (like the assets/imgs) had to be moved inside the wp-content directory of the WordPress installation. This happened because of some other technical issues that had to do with the possibility of the wp-content directory being renamed or moved outside the actual WordPress installation.

    So if you move the assets/imgs directory inside the wp-content directory then the images should appear fine. Of course you would also have to change their urls to include the wp-content part inside them. Sorry for this trouble!

    Let me know if there is anything more you need.


    Ah, glad you could locate it! =)

    I’ll just create a symlink for them inside wp-content, reckon that should do it.

    I don’t think it’s a problem for anyone else either, so my suggestion is just to make a note on the Watched Directories settings to only include folders inside ‘wp-content’.

    Thanks again and keep on being awesome!

    Plugin Author Takis


    You are very-very welcome!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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