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  • We have a paid version of the WordPress plugin. Works fine on all the image sizes defined in the Settings. But I am confused about how the “original image” settings work.

    Our users upload original, non-compressed, non-web-targeted images—10MB images at ~5000px wide. (I know they shouldn’t but they do) I can see all the compressed images on the server but I also see the original 10MB image.

    I’m trying to confirm if there are settings that compress the original on upload so that only compressed, resized originals get saved to the server. Our settings are:

    Compress new images in the background (Recommended)
    This is the fastest method, but can cause issues with some image related plugins.

    Select image sizes to be compressed
    Original image (overwritten by compressed image)
    Thumbnail - 150x150
    Medium - 800x800
    Medium large - 768x?
    Large - 1400x1400
    1536x1536 - 1536x1536
    2048x2048 - 2048x2048

    Resize the original image
    Save space by setting a maximum width and height for all images uploaded.
    Resizing takes 1 additional compression for each image that is larger.
    Max Width: 2500
    Max Height: 2500
    Preserve creation date and time in the original image
    Preserve copyright information in the original image
    Preserve GPS location in the original image (JPEG only)

    I assume that’s the image renamed with “*-scaled.jpg” in the file name?

    I expected the “scaled” image to effectively replace the 10MB original, that I’d only see the 2500px version on the server.

    Is that possible? Or am I confused about how this works?

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  • Plugin Author Tinify


    Hi there,

    WordPress added a feature in 5.3 that automatically creates a “-scaled” version of your images when they have a width or height larger than 2560 pixels. For such images WordPress will serve the scaled version instead of when it needs to show the original, it will not use the actual original image. This scaled version will be compressed by the plugin if you enable the original to be compressed.

    If you want the original image to be compressed instead of the scaled version, you can disable the scaled image creation by WordPress and have the resizing being done by the plugin. This way you will not have both an optimized scaled version and an unoptimized original version on the server. See for example on how to disable the creation of a -scaled version.

    Hope to have answered your question

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