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    I’ve looked at a bunch of similar posts and their solutions but they don’t seem to be working with my Theme.

    I’m trying to do a very simple thing. I have my title and tagline together in my tagline field like:

    TITLE: Tagline

    I’d like to make it


    (just make the title bold and add a break)
    That’s all. My theme, Origin by AlienWP, doesn’t seem to use the header.php file. The code seems to be buried in the style.min.css and doesn’t look anything like the code in the header.php, so suggestions like those from haven’t worked for me. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out (I’m a noob and don’t know the first thing about css and php, but I’m generally quite good at figuring things out).

    For all WordPress is hyped up to be, I’m finding it incredibly frustrating to do some of these extremely basic things.


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  • All themes do use header.php – WordPress won’t work otherwise. What do you have in Settings -> General for the Site Title and Tagline? They need to be separate in there – you’ll have problems in other places (and with SEO) if you change it there. You can then modify how those fields display on your page…

    How do you want them to be on the page?

    Well, when I watch/read stuff on what’s supposed to be in the header.php it doesn’t look like what’s in my header.php – I can’t find any reference to my site title or tagline, or at least anything that I can make changes to have have those changes reflected on my site. I was really hoping the suggestion by EnglishMike would work, but alas…

    When I use Firebug and click on my site title and tagline elements it shows me (or at least I think it does, again, I’m not supper savvy here) that those elements (#site-description) are described in style.min.css. What I’d really like to do is just see where the html is for those elements so I can edit them directly. But when I search this forum on editing html, the answers are very evasive. “Why do you want to do that?” “Couldn’t you just… instead?”

    I’d love to even just know what application I should be using so I can see and edit what I want. I can see things in Firebug that I can’t see in either Komodo or Astana – like the actual text for example. I can see it in Firebug but not in other programs.

    I really don’t like the way it looks with my site title displayed. What I’ll probably do is enter it in WP so it’s in the code for SEO, but replace it with a white image so it’s not actually visible (or a logo when I get around to making one).

    This is straight from the header.php file for that theme:

    <div id="branding">
    						<?php origin_site_title(); ?>
    					</div><!-- #branding -->
    					<?php get_template_part( 'menu', 'primary' ); // Loads the menu-primary.php template. ?>
    					<?php hybrid_site_description(); ?>

    Those element are pulled from the Settings > General

    You can use a text editor to edit .php files, or you can edit them in the dashboard, but you should NEVER modify theme files directly – as your changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated. Instead do that kind of modifications in a Child Theme. The layout of page elements is controlled partly by the HTML structure and/or the CSS code. The page elements are in the .php (rendered to HTML) files. You can’t edit HTML directly in WP – it does not work that way since the HTML is generated dynamically when the page is loaded.

    I’ll look into the child themes more. It sounds like, if there is an answer, it would be doing something like that.


    Hmm… Found Headway. Going with that 8)

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