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  1. andrejenssen
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi. Close to release the blogpage, and quite exited.
    I have several post, and not all can be on page at the same time. Some are actual now, some in a few months, some are just a start / idea, some shall close in short time.
    I can manage to keep these on hold, and private no problem to manage them.
    The question is how to have an overwiew over all posts so I know witch theme to post when in the future, (I shall have a new post each 10 day). I try to fill in to my calendar, but that is double up work and not so good overwiew. I also ty to make an xls. but that is a lot of work, but make good overwiew.
    Does Wordpres have any tool for this already made ?
    Any ideas ?

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